Meet the students in the Pharmacology department at Columbia

Roshan Ahmed
Research: Pancreatic cancer
Undergraduate Institution: University of Chicago
Degree: Biology, History and Philosophy of Science
Elizabeth Avegno
Research: Utilizing retrograde-tracing techniques to characterize the effects of ethanol on subpopulations of VTA DA neurons
Undergraduate Institution: Tulane University
Degree: Biochemistry


Douglas Barrows
Research: Investigating the regulation of the guanine nucleotide exchange factor PREX2 downstream of growth factor stimulation.
Undergraduate Institution: Duke University
Degree: Biology


Zachary Carpenter
Research: Next Generation Cancer Sequencing 
Undergraduate Institution: The College of New Jersey
Degree: Biochemistry, Chem, Comp Sci


Pelisa Charles-Horvath
Research: I am studying the role of Anthrax Toxin Receptors in regulating extracellular matrix homeostasis
Undergraduate Institution: The City College of New York
Degree: Biochemistry
Awards and Fellowships: Cancer Training Grant predoctoral fellowship (2010-2011); Endocrinology Training Grant predoctoral fellowship (2012-2014)


Youngjin Cho
Research: Niche of hematopoietic stem cells
Undergraduate Institution: Stony Brook University
Degree: Biology 
Prashant Donthamsetti
Research: Investigating molecular mechanisms of functional selectivity at Dopamine D2 Receptor
Undergraduate Institution: Boston University
Degree: Biology


Miki Hayano
Research: RNAi screen to identify modulators of a novel form of cell death, ferroptosis
Undergraduate Institution: Boston University
Degree: Biochemistry


Minji Kim Uh
Research: My project studies the role of Notch signaling in sprouting lymphangiogenesis in both developmental and pathological settings.
Undergraduate Institution: Carnegie Mellon University
Degree: Chemistry
Awards and Fellowships: DOD Pre-Doctoral Fellowship in Breast Cancer Research (2010-2013); Pharmacology Department Brian F. Hoffman Academic Award (2010)


Kipyegon Kitur
Research: The implications of Staphylococcus aureus-induced macrophage death during pneumonia
Undergraduate Institution: Harvard College
Degree: Chemistry


Mariam Konate
Lab: Dennis Vitkup (Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (C2B2))
Research: I use a systems approach to characterize enzymes of unknown function and reconstruct metabolic networks, with the goal to identify new drug targets.
Undergraduate Institution: Virginia Tech
Degree: Chemistry
Awards and Fellowships: Columbia Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Training Grant Predoctoral Fellowship (2010-2013); NSF Fellowship Honorable Mention (2009)


 Sihui (Annie) Ma
Research: I study the mechanism of voltage-gated calcium channel alpha2delta in its regulation of the channel function and trafficking, aiming for new therapeutics targeting alpha2delta to treat neuropathic pain.
Undergraduate Institution: University of California, San Diego (UCSD)
Degree: Pharmacological Chemistry


De Yu (Brian) Mao
Research: The role of chloride intracellular channel proteins (CLICs) in tumor and vascular development.
Undergraduate Institution: University of Toronto
Degree: Pharmacology and Biomedical Toxicology


Kyrie Pappas
Research: Investigating the molecular mechanisms of transcriptional repression of the tumor suppressor PTEN in poor-prognosis human breast cancer.
Undergraduate Institution: Michigan Technological University
Degree: Biochemistry


Akil Pukerin
Research: Investigating the molecular mechanisms of protein inhibitors of voltage-gated calcium channels
Undergraduate Institution: Wesleyan University
Degree: Neuroscience & Behavior 


Seth Robey
Lab:  Robert Kass
Research: Studying the mechanism of action of drugs that block cardiac ion channels to treat inherited cardiac arrhythmias
Undergraduate Institution: Brandeis University
Degree: Biochemistry


Mia Shandell
Research: Applying unnatural amino acid mutagenesis to investigate conformational changes in cardiac voltage-gated sodium channels.
Undergraduate Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Degree: Chemistry with minors in Biology and Theater Arts
Awards and Fellowships: NSF Fellowship Honorable Mention (2013), Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship Honorable Mention (2013)


Brendan Smith
Research: The identification and characterization of neuron-mediated immune response pathways involved in the pathogenesis of neuropathic pain following peripheral nerve injury
Undergraduate Institution: Boston University
Degree: Neuroscience


LouJin Song
Research: I am using cardiomyocytes differentiated from induced pluripotent stem cells for drug screening.
Undergraduate Institution: Fudan University (Shanghai, China)
Degree: Pharmaceutical Sciences


Lindsay Tannenholz
Lab:  Rene Hen
Research: The Hen lab is interested in understanding the role of the hippocampus in mood and cognition and, in particular, I am studying how the dentate gyrus contributes to the positive behavioral response after antidepressant treatment.
Undergraduate Institution: New York University
Degree: Chemistry and Economics


Daniela Torres
Research: Identify molecular targets that influence cell migration and dispersion in glioblastoma
Undergraduate Institution: George Mason University
Degree: Biology