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Beginner's Guides

These are easy to understand guides that are full of practical advice and not too much jargon.

The Basics Start here for an overview of the cultus deorum; what it is and what it isn't.

Lararium No household of cultores should be without a lararium. This practical guide to setting up and living with your lararium will get you started.

Study is important for reconstructionists. We've compiled a list of reliable books and other resources to help you get started

Roman culture is the environment that gave birth to the cultus deorum. Many people enrich their experience of the cultus deorum with other aspects of Roman life. 

The yearly calendar of festivals gives a structure to the life of families and communities.

A guide to sacrifice by M. Horatius Piscinus. Warning! It is an old guide he wrote years ago for this site: http://home.scarlet.be/mauk.haemers/collegium_religionis/sacrifices.htm copied here with very minor corrections. The whole material needs revision.