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Basic Principles of the Cultus Deorum

The gods exist and are essentially benevolent. A natural relationship unites people with the gods. 
Human relationship with the gods requires human action. The gods can communicate their will. We promote "religio" and "pietas" and we avoid "superstitio". 

"Religio" is the attitude that the gods are the benevolent partners of mortals in the management of the world, and that the prescribed rituals are the proper return for the help that is provided by the gods. "Pietas" is sincere diligence in fulfilling the requirements of the partnership with the gods and in honoring all obligations. In contrast, "superstitio" is any excessive and slavish behavior that is intended to placate the anger of the gods, or the desire to extract knowledge or power from the gods. 

Our Community Worldwide

While we recognize the Italic roots of the Cultus Deorum Romanorum, with Classical Rome, the religion became a civilizing force throughout Europe and the Middle East. It helped to lay the foundation for the international culture of our modern world. We therefore welcome worshipers of the Roman Gods and Goddesses from all ethnic backgrounds, all geographical locations, and all cultures to join with us.

Read more about our communities here.

Beginners' Guides

These are easy to understand guides that are full of practical advice and not too much jargon. Read "The Basics" for an overview of the cultus deorum; what it is and what it isn't. "Lararium" Is a practical guide to setting up and living with your lararium. "Study" is a list of reliable books and other resources to help you learn more. More guides are being added all the time.

Online Communication

Cultus Deorum related blogs in English are collected on our "Community Voices" page. Blogs in other languages  are listed in the appropriate sections of this site.

Our community also participates in many online discussion groups: