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Tahseel Chichawatni of District Sahiwal (old name Montgumry) is famous for its rich soil for farming and producing corn, wheat, cotton etc. The unplutted enviorment and greenery makes  the  people of chichawatni feel proud. After the first world war in the last century the city of chichawatni was formed with an arrange manner of new cities that time. The small town of Chichawatni which showed up in the maps of India in 1923 has now became a famous city because of its second largest Forest in country and because of its rich soil. In the Bigining Only Block 3, 4, 7, 8, and 12 were built up by the people who were moved from the villages of Chichawatni. But still the trend of moving to city was not very popular.

In the middle of the city the population of Hindus was more than Muslims. The wide Bazars were formed. There was a big well in the middle of the crossing of Bazar. The Mashkies used to bring water from that well to the homes of people. The water of that well was very sweat and that well served as a water resource of city for years. In that Bazar mostly owner of the shops were hindus. This bazar used  to get full and get decorated on the holy days of Hindus. The people of the city were mixed and the religion was not a problem in those people that time.

There was a Hospital and a shcool which used to call N-A-C School. There was no certified doctor in that hospital. There was only one nurse in that hospital. There was prive clinic of Dr. Purmand. After that Dr. Sanaullah and Dr. Sardar Khan opened a hospiatal joinly.

The boys and girl used  to come to the school by walking 20 miles every day. Cycle was a facility for very rich people.. The famous teachers of that time were Baghat Darshan, Dewan Pal and in Muslims Ch. Karim Illahi. In the Kubbudi Team of that School the famous player were Raja Lal Zamard Khan, Abdal Haq Jatt, Sikandar and Nirmal Singh. The Football team Player who got fame were Shanker, Hari Lal, Master Wali Mohammad, Naseer Ahmed Cheema And Fiaz Ahmed. If you ever get chance to come to chichawatni there is a big religious institute Whcih is called (pir jee Ka madrsa).

There were many tree at that place and that place was famous as a place for ghosts and things like that. That time alomst all the shops were owned by Hindus but the famous Muslim merchenter were Shaikh Zahoor Ahmed Shaikh Sadiq and Gulam Rasool.

When Nehru Lal came to chichawatni in 40s the eyes of Hidus started changing. There was no  peace at that time until the partition of India happened. At that time the Muslim Leaders of the city Gulam Nabi Cheema, Dr. Sardar Khan, Shaikh Zahoor and Riaz Ahmed worked hard to help the refugees who were coming from India. After that Chichawatni completely became a Muslaim city and development started. Now there is a Big Ghee mil in the city but mostly busineses are related with the farming. The city has changed a lot the new colonies of the cities are Housing Colony, Bahar Colony, and Faisal colony. Now all the blocks of city are built up and the Bazars are expened in miles. Now there are many cotton and oil mills in Chichawatni. But the most imporatnt amd good thing is the forest of Chichawatni. In the moring young anb  old all go to morning walks to the forest and its a happy little city , people are friendly to each other and life is good. Shakeel Ahamd Muhammad Irfan Ghulam Murtaza Khalid Farooq And Hafiz Javeed Of 6512L Cricket teem Most Senior Members 

Education in Chichawatni..
Government College and Schools for boys and girls.
Government Degree College Chichawatni.
M.C.High School Chichawatni
Government High School Chichawatni.
Nom Government Educational Institutes.
Chichawatni Institute of Technology.
Government Degree College Chichawatni. 


Whilst visiting Chichawatni ideal visit to Sadar market is necessary to stock up on household goods ranging from Food down to clothes.Very lively atmosphere that will leave you with a bunch of good memories and maybe a bargain or too.

Cattle Market of Chichawatni

There is one of the biggest Cattle Market (مندی مویشیان) of Pakistan in Chichawatni. This Market is special for Buffaloes.

Jungle of Chichawatni

Chichawatni has the second largest Non-Natural Jungle of Pakistan in Chichawatni. This Jungle has area of 9000 Acres. The Biggest Non-Natural Jungle is Changa Manga.

Crescent Factories of Chichawatni

Crescent Factories of Chichawatni are supposed to be the first Vanaspati Ghee Mills of Asia.

Madarassa Khalidia of Chichawatni

Madrasssa Khalidia of Chichwatni is First Jihadi Maddarassa which was first built over accupied space in Jamia Masjid Block 12 of Chichawatni. Now it is Moved near Chak 40/12-L.

Esther John

Chichawatni is also the home town of Esther John , one of the most famous Christian nurse.


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