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Welcome to the web's best resource on Australian artist Sidney Nolan. We review of the best Sydney Nolan Art Books, as the web can't compare to viewing full plate reproductions. We also have a brief biography of Sidney Nolan if you would like to read a bit more online, and also links to the best Sidney Nolan resources, information, and galleries selling his work - which, surprisingly, are still available to purchase on the secondary market.

You would want to choose from one of these three top Sidney Nolan books, all of which have a different emphasis but all of which I recommend and keep on my coffee table.

Sidney Nolan's Ned Kelly

Andrew Sayers, as the then director of the National Portrait Gallery, presents this definitive guide to Sidney Nolan's most iconic series of works - the Ned Kelly Series. Ned Kelly, the anti-hero bush ranger who has appeared repeatedly in Australian ballads, films and folklore, famously fashioned his own armor and terrorized Victorian police in the late 1880s. Sidney Nolan not only gave the most vivid visual form to this Australian icon, he also added to the story something utterly unique. Mixing self portrait and visual inventiveness to the narrative of the Kelly legend, the series is a sight to behold as individual canvases, or as a long and unfolding saga. Reducing Kelly to a silhouette (visible only through his eyes), the police to comic cartoons, and juxtaposing both to the ever present Australian landscape, this book on Nolan's Kelly series gives the most powerful metaphor for the relationship of the Australian landscape and those who inhabit it.

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Sidney Nolan

This book is ideal if you want to look at Sidney Nolan outside of his most well known works such as the Kelly Series, and towards the long career of his contribution to Australian art. A thematic book, the reader is taken step by step through the artist's important periods, which also includes sculpture, paintings of the sea, Australian interior, Leda and the Swan, massive abstract works, and floral series, amongst others. Little gems are revealed, such as his work in the theater, and illustrations (in which he primarily trained). The book is large enough in its scope and contributers that even a reader unfamiliar with Australian stories and geographies can find everything they need to know to fully understand the work of this prolific artist. This is arguably the finest complete survey book you can own on Sidney Nolan. The quality of image reproduction and plates are second to none, and supported with fine academic and general discussion. This book is the most lavish and substantial of the Sidney Nolan books on offer, at home amongst any fine collection or public library collection, the single key Sidney Nolan monograph to be treasured for years.

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Another high quality Sidney Nolan book, with lush, large images, is the impressive Sidney Nolan: Desert & Drought by Geoffrey Smith. A 2006 publication by the National Gallery of Australia, this large format book was made to correspond with a major exhibition of Nolan's, and shows a unique understanding and representation of the unique Australian landscape by one of Australia's most original artists. In leafing through this book, you are aware of Nolan as a purely landscape artist who holds an important place along side Arthur Streeton, Arthur Boyd and Brett Whiteley in the history of the development of Australian landscape painting.

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"When the critics come around it's always too late."

- Sidney Nolan

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