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Happy New Year to all. Planning for the 2nd Annual Culture of Contact festival is in full swing. This year's festivities will be held in September, though no dates have been set. Last year's theme dealt loosely with the ufological facts behind science fiction. This year's theme is quite solidly, Mythology Is Reality.

We will be announcing the confirmed speakers here at the website as they come in. We'd hate to give a tentative speaker list and then not have that come through, but let me just say that the soon-to-be-confirmed short list is drool-worthy.

To give you a broader taste of where this year's festival is going, here is the summary:

2008 Culture of Contact Festival


The theme of this year’s Culture of Contact Arts & Film Festival is Mythology Is Reality. Quite simply, Western historians have sculpted our vision of the past along parallel lines: fact and myth. Myths do exist, of course, but any fact that doesn’t fit within the accepted framework is also, erroneously, deemed myth and so we really don’t have an accurate picture of our past or our place in the universe.


Take Egyptology, for exampe. Most of what we know about ancient Egypt stems from the Pyramid Texts. We consider the Pyramid Texts a factual historical account of this ancient culture…except for the period called Zep Tepi (“The First Time"), which describes beings coming down from the heavens and imparting knowledge to ancient man. For some reason, this account—which is how the Pyramid Texts begin—is considered a myth, while the rest of the very same text is considered historical fact.


Another example can be found in the Native American oral tradition. Some tribes, such as the Hopi, talk about being descendants of star people. It wasn’t until recently that it became clear they meant this literally. It’s not mythology for them—this is who they are.


And so it goes. From antiquity we have these stories of beings descending from the heavens and imparting huge leaps in culture and knowledge upon the people of all countries—ALL countries, think about that—but because we’ve devolved into materialist rationalists in total control of our domain, that fact is completely unacceptable to us, so it is disregarded as primitive mythology.


Our goal is to give life back to the supposedly unreal timeline and show how only the reintegration of this line into factual history completes the distorted picture of humanity. We will demonstrate through artwork, film, and music, as well as talks from alternative historians and present-day experiencers of these beings who descend from the sky, that these “myths” are really factual explanations of nonhuman contact events stretching from the gods of antiquity to the alien abductions of post modernity.




The Culture of Contact is the world’s only alien-abductee-run arts conglomerate whose sole goal is to shed light on the very real experience of contact with nonhuman intelligence(s) in a way that is creative, fun, and accessible to the general public. 



S.P.A.C.E. Director

New York City, September 20, 2007 -- He was back in NYC and he's at his best, boosting minds and spirits, fans said of WHITLEY STRIEBER tonight here for a book-launch talk in his former haunts.

The author of the world famous, best-selling, ground-breaking "Communion: A True Story" returned to the city where he lived and wrote for 25 years this evening to discuss his latest creative work, his new novel, "2012: The War for Souls." He spoke in Greenwich Village, where he once lived, speaking with nearly 100 people who fully packed, seated on chairs and stairs, and standing, the East/West Books Cafe.

CULTURE OF CONTACT of NYC hosted the book signing discussion event, its first free public seminar since its innovative first annual multmedia UFO festival, dedicated to the 60 years of the modern UFO era, this past June. The purpose, energy and activism of the network, led by Director Jeremy Vaeni, an author and movie-maker who introduced Strieber, was hailed by Strieber, noting that it is an "empowered experiencer" operated coalition, giving a voice and vision outlet to Close Encounter witnesses who interface with "the visitors." He thanked Vaeni, calling him "a pioneer."

"Strieber has always meant a lot to me as an experiencer, as he has for many, many others," said Vaeni in his introduction. Vaeni's own book and movie is about his own experiences, and his own writing career was inspired by reading Strieber's books. Afterwards Vaeni said, "To be able to host his book launch and introduce him is nothing short of numbing. He spoke forcefully, eloquently, and really uplifted the entire room, right down the stairs."

Close encounter experiencers and witnesses, Strieber said, are mostly "gentle people" who are also "very smart," and that hints at something about the "visitor" interface and the nature of their contact with their chosen humans. What does that mean and say about the close encounter experience, Strieber asked, and about humanity's future?

The centerpiece of the event, "2012: THE WAR FOR SOULS" published by Tor Books/Tom Dougherty Associates, was the stirring springboard for Strieber's talk and interactive, thought provoking discussion, opening up doors to new perceptions, a hallmark of Strieber's many books.

Strieber's fascinating new fiction book, with thoughtful threads of thrilling truths, is now in bookstores everywhere. Strieber began the discussion by reading an excerpt from the book's prologue, which he also reads on his Unknown Country web site. The new book, like last year's "The Grays" (an upcoming Sony Pictures production), he noted, will be made into a feature movie by producer Alex Kurtzman and screen writer Robert Orci. "2012: The War For Souls" has already received, Strieber noted, an excellent book review in the current "Publisher's Weekly" calling it "wildly entertaining."

Strieber is a former New Yorker who lived, from the mid-1970s through the late 1990s, in Greenwich Vlllage, Brooklyn Heights and in an upstate cabin, where the shattering post-Christmas 1985 abduction that launched his "Communion: A True Story" best-seller book was sparked, awakening witnesses and the public on a global scale.

Strieber's book revolves around this concept: What happens, as December 21, 2012 (the date the Mayan calendar ends) nears, when a portal to a parallel reality opens up and an academic researcher contacts his doppleganger as they team up to prevent a global catastrophe forewarned in ages long past? What they find is "a complex structure of coded information" which guides them, said a review in "Daily Variety."

The thrilling action and creative churning challenge takes place, said Strieber, on this Earth and two alternate dimensional versions of 21st Century Earth [think TV's "Sliders" show]. One is a gentle, peaceful Earth where the 20th Century world wars never happened, and the other is a relentlessly brutal Earth where the dinosaurs never died and where their intelligent descendents rule ruthlessly. The triad of dopplegangers from alternative, mirror Earths in three parallel univeres, Strieber said, team up to help save this Earth from a worldwide catastrophe on December 21, 2012, The book asks: Will a new Earth and a new way of living, a new way of being human emerge from the conflict, chaos and confusion as a triad of Earths from the three parallel universes interact?

The importance of triads is a crucial key for understanding the workings of the cosmos, said Strieber, noting Buckminister Fuller's statement that "triangles are the building blocks of the universe." Two conflicting or clashing forces, Strieber explained, find their balance through a third force, which brings balance in the triad's workings. Hence, the book's central, pivitol theme on three alternative planet Earths in a triad of interacting parallel universes.

"Whitley takes us careening through three parallel universes on a totally wild ride that is, at turn, scary, thrilling, deeply funny and deeply wise," said author Anne Strieber, Editor of "News From Unknown Country" and Whitley's wife, who was at the event this evening.

When Whitley Strieber was asked during the Q-&-A about his use of fiction and nonfiction to convey aspects of "the visitor experience," Strieber replied that what counts is what is "going on within us" and the hidden knowledge, information and wisdom that emerges from "the exercise of the imagination." It's the friction of fiction and nonfiction which produces a learning experience. Imagination, he noted, is the vehicle and creative source that our contemporary society usually ignores as a place of deep knowledge. "It's by going within from where we can learn," he said. And that applies to the process of contact.

Expressions of that process of contact include, in a major way, art, as seen in Spielberg's 1977 movie "Close Encounters" where experiencers paint, sketch and sculpt what their experiences conveyed. Among UFO and close encounter artists at the event, were David Huggins and Melissa Reed, two Culture of Contact leaders.

Reed, whose UFO artwork "Portal" served as the book cover of Brenda Drenzler's "The Lure of the Edge: Scientific Passions, Religious Beliefs, and the Pursuit of UFOS" (University of California Press) was curator of the Culture of Contact's UFO show in June. She asked Strieber, whom she first met at a Star Nations conference a few years ago, if he would contribute his own original art for the 2008 Culture of Contact art exhibit next Autumn. He said he would try, Reed said excitedly.

At the core and crux of the close encounter enigma is the true origin and nature of "the visitors," and that remains an open question, Strieber said.

They could be from exo-planets in neighboring solar systems, galactic-wide civilizations, parrallel universes or alternate dimensions in a multiverse, or, perhaps, he mused, if the Earth is a rare planet with intelligent beings, they are our evolved human species from our future? Or maybe, they are the smart dinosaurs who evolved from their species on an Earth where the catastrophic asteroid did not crash here 65 million years ago (that's one of the three parrallel Earths in "2012"). Perhaps "the visitors" and the dead exisit in the same realm, said Strieber, noting that some experiencers have seen dead relatves and friends with "the visitors." Then he wondered, "maybe we and everything else are not real at all," as postualted in the recent comments of a scientist published in The New York Times about a virtual reality cosmos, such as shown in the movie, "The Matrix."

The environmental crisis is a major focus of Strieber's life work and his new book (as were "The Global Superstorm" a few years ago and "Nature's End" in the mid-1980s). As a current dramatic example, he cited the rapidly melting Arctic ice cap this Summer. ["Scientists Report Severe Retreat of Arctic Ice - The loss of ice the size of six Californias is tied to global warming" -- The New York Times, 9/21/07, page A6]

The free event attracted a community of the curious and the creative from the city and its environs, adding to the evening. As part of that mix, Vaeni said he was pleased that Strieber called him "a pioneer" in the book he signed for him, validating his work and that of Culture of Contact.

"For me, personally, this was an amazing experience, and from the Culture of Contact's and the bookstore's points of view, and Whitley's publicist, Tor Books, it was a HUGE triumph," said Vaeni afterwards, hoping that the Striebers felt as the audience did. Vaeni said that an attendee told him right after the talk that she really needed this. "I've been wondering if I have a soul," she told Vaeni. "Being here and hearing him, I know I do."

The NYC book event was the highly successful launch event for Strieber's book signing tour, with events on the West Coast and Colorado.






September 20th, 2007. A Thursday. 6:30pm. HE is coming to town.

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Culture of Contact PROUDLY presents: 2012: The War For Souls book launch!!! Hear author Whitley Strieber speak and be one of the lucky few to have your copy of 2012 autographed by him.

The book hits stores the previous Tuesday, 18th. On the 20th, the book launches big time from the East/West Bookstore, a gem of a place, on 5th Avenue btwn 13th & 14th Street. Their website is:

Learn more about Strieber at his fine website:

If you like what you see, please become a subscriber of his website and reap the benefits. It's a great outlet for important things both normal and paranormal.



The Culture of Contact press conference held on June 21st, 2007 is online here in 6 parts:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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Culture of Contact keeps making history. First, we brought you the only all-abductee/experiencer-run festival on the planet. We received only positive press from the mainstream media, which is another first (links to follow). Now we're prepping for next year's extravaganza, which promises to be bigger, better, and full of surprises!

Join us as we make history again by featuring a once-in-a-lifetime family of speakers. I'm talking about Betty Andreasson Luca and her family live on stage for the first time, with her artwork in our gallery.  You will not want to miss this special occasion, so plan ahead!

In the meantime, read all about it! In 2007, Culture of Contact abducted New York....

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