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Kseniya Khovanova-Rubicondo


Dr. Kseniya Khovanova-Rubicondo (PhD: PA, Chicago USA) is an experienced professional in socio-economic impact evaluation, network management, strategic planning, and ICT innovation in public and private sector. For the last decade, Kseniya’s focus has been on cultural and sustainable tourism policy development in Europe. Specifically, she worked on Council of Europe’s (CoE) Intercultural Cities programme development and implementation, CoE Culture Review programme, CultureWatchEurope and Compendium projects evaluation, compiled the Study on the Impact of the European Cultural Routes Programme on the SMEs Innovation, Competitiveness and Clustering under the related joint EC-CoE initiative, and moderated conferences and workshops jointly organized by the EC and the CoE in the fields of ICT4D, tourism and culture.

During her career, Kseniya worked for a number of leading international organizations, including European Investment Bank (LU), the US Agency for International Development (USA), Government Financial Officers Association (USA), Heritage Foundation, Ashburn Institute, Development Alternative Int. in the USA.

Currently, Dr. Khovanova-Rubicondo is in charge for network governance and evaluation of the CoE Cultural Routes at the European Institute of Cultural Routes (EICR) in Luxembourg. She also continues to provide quality practical and policy advice to a number of international organisations including the Council of Europe (France), the European Commission (Belgium), Conaculta (Mexico), the governments of European, Latino-American and African states, and works with academic and research institutions such as the University of Oxford (UK), the Ashburn Institute, and Kepler University (USA).

A distinguished record of Dr. Khovanova-Rubicondo’s publications includes book chapters, reviews, evaluations, studies and edited manuscripts that were published in international peer-reviewed journals such as Governance Magazine, Public Administration Review and the Environment and Behavior (USA), Croatian Economic Survey (Croatia), Editions Rodopi (the Netherlands), the Global Magazine (SAGA Foundation, Poland), as well as by the Council of Europe (France) and the EC’ IST-Africa series. Her high proficiency and initiative were recognized by a number of international awards including those from the US State Department, USAID, American Society of Public Administration, the Recognition of Achievements Awards from California State University, and the Frank Educational Fund.