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Nick Hall

Nick has extensive experience working in the European tourism industry and  is known in particular for his thought leadership in e-marketing, giving input to destination marketing strategies having worked extensively with a  range of city and national tourism organisations.

Over the past ten years, Nick gained a wealth of experience as a tourism  marketer, acting as the European Travel Commission's (ETC) Executive Director, leading ETC to develop a completely new strategy, whilst helping  the organisation to gain the highest level of political recognition by international partners.

Nick fosters close working relationships with many destination marketing  organisations in Europe and has worked in major outbound travel markets around the world. Most recently Nick was responsible for launching 'Travel  Destination Europe' and the portal in China and coordinating the launch of the first  Global NTO Think Tank with UNWTO.

Nick is founder and CEO of SE1 Media, an international organisation which  includes the Destination Advisory Board, Digital Destination Think Tank, a range of flagship benchmark products and a worldwide network of tourism  marketers. Nick is also a Director of MediaCo, sitting on the Board as well as a Board member and Industry Chair of the International Federation for IT and Travel & Tourism.