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of our annual Cultural Reconnection Mission to Kenya.                                      
  Book authored by Marcia Tate Arunga

Annual Delegation Missions
Cultural Reconnection is an organized delegation of women of African ancestry who are on a mission to be re-acquainted with and reconnect with our African ancestry.  Our Vision and Planning Team is guided by a set of principles, and our research is within   the Institute For Cultural Reconnection.  Each year an organized delegation of women participate in a planned itinerary in Kenya to facilitate their interests and reconnection through relationships with Kenyan women and their families. We find the ways we can connect through common culture.

African American Kenyan Women Interconnect
We are African American Kenyan Women Interconnect (AAKEWO)  working collectively in joint ventures that  contribute to a better future for children and their caregivers.  We focus on the needs of orphans and vulnerable children living with trauma. Through these joint ventures, sanitary and available water, education and the improvement of health and well being of children and caregivers is increased.  People of all ancestries support us in this  level of our work. This is the non profit part of what we do both in the USA and Africa.  Donations made to our work is tax deductible through the non profit organization, Parents for Student Success (PFSS). 

Institute for Cultural Reconnection
The Institute supports the academic, intellectual research and creative work of Cultural Reconnection and is developed in the masters thesis,  The Exploration into  Cultural Reconnection of African American Women, by Marcia Tate Arunga, M.S Human Development. Visit The Institute Page.

We are located in the Seattle Metropolitan area of Washington state.  Donations are tax deductible for charitable purposes checks made payable to:
P.O. Box 4233
Renton,WA 98057-4233