Who is the Cultural Council of Jackson Hole?

The CCJH is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that was established in 1994 to create a climate in our community where culture: the arts and humanities flourish.  CCJH grew out of the Arts Task Force, an informal coalition of arts organizations under the auspices of the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole.

Cultural Council of Jackson Hole Mission Statement

The Cultural Council of Jackson Hole brings together and advocates for the arts and cultural organizations in our community by supporting communication, collaboration, and promotion of cultural life in the valley.

What kind of programs do the Cultural Council support and sponsor?

 The CCJH is probably best known for the Arts For All grant program.  The Cultural Council facilitates the disbursement of grant applications and awards to individual artists and art/humanity organizations.  This funding is generated through Town and County social service tax dollars, and available to the individuals and organizations for collaborative programs, public art programs, art education, long-range cultural development, and general production and presentation.

Each year the CCJH presents the highly-anticipated Award for Creativity.  This award, determined by a volunteer committee of members, artists, art patrons and supporters, is given to individuals who have shown a long-time commitment to the arts/humanities in our community.  In 2012, the Award for Creativity was expanded to two categories.  The Legacy Award was created to honor persons who have had a long-term, positive impact on the Jackson Hole Arts scene.  The Rising Star Award was created to celebrate up-and-coming talent.  These awards helps to kick off the Fall Arts Festival.