Cult of the Golden Scarab is a fan-made expansion for Arkham Horror. The ‘Legacy Of The Pharaohs’ exhibition has re-opened and once again it falls to a small band of investigators to risk life, limb and sanity by battling the minions of the despised Nephren-Ka and preventing the resurrection of the loathsome subterranean carrion-gods of the Old Kingdom.

This is a fan expansion, so you'll have to print the cards yourself.

The expansion includes 8 new Investigators, 6 new Ancient Ones, 100+ new Items, Skills and Allies, 60 new Encounter cards, 22 Mythos cards, 33 Monsters, a Herald, a Guardian, and various other new items, tokens, cards, etc, etc.

Please note: This expansion was originally made in 2009 and distributed via BitTorrent, so you might still be able to find it on ThePirateBay or other torrent sites.
I don't plan on revising the expansion any more, so take it or leave it as it is! Email any and all queries about this expansion to me at

Credits: I'm corinthian. Since making Golden Scarab I've made another (much better) fan expansion called The Door to Saturn. You can find that on this eerily similar website.