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Rhema's Greatest Non-Hits

Rhema was a late '70s/early '80s band from Arizona that morphed from Christian band into a derivative pop-rock group and ultimately (when paired with producer Dennis Alexander for a soundtrack) into a blatant ripoff of Devo. Through a friend, the band was offered titular roles in the film "Voyage of the Rock Aliens," as well as the opportunity to cut an album for Curb Records. Filmed in late '83, problems abounded with the intentionally-corny "Rock Aliens" movie, which didn't see wide distribution in America until it hit video in 1988 (and even then it went mostly ignored). As a result, Rhema was quickly dropped from the label; their sole release was an over-mixed version of the song "21st Century" which appeared on the soundtrack (the rest of their songs from the film went unissued).

Flash forward nearly 20 years. Over time, "Voyage of the Rock Aliens" gained momentum as the bizarro cult oddity that it is (which includes aliens, greasers, a sea monster, silly serial killers, clueless cops, music videos galore and bad movie postergirl Pia Zadora!). Little was known about the film and even less was known about this strange Devo-wannabe band that starred in it. So former band member Craig Quiter (NOPQR) devoted a small section of his website to Rhema, and he offered a bunch of unreleased tracks by the band. Sadly, however, the domain lapsed and Quiter later lost the mp3s in a computer crash. Quiter (aka Crag Jensen, aka Zehm Alohim) and his former band-mate Marc Jackson (AEIOU) kept Rhema alive by doing interviews and plugging the film/band on MySpace, but most of those mp3s from the Zehm Alohim site seemed to be lost forever. The funny thing about the internet is once you share a file, it can resurface anywhere at any time...

So thanks to visitor Joe, I'm now able to re-share all of the Rhema tracks, along with some other variations I've obtained! The downside? Well, the sound is muffled in some spots and 14 tracks are ripped at 128 kbps (they were posted in the days when people were still on dial-up connections), but considering none of these tracks ever saw an official release and the tapes were obviously not in the greatest shape when they were transferred, one can't quibble much over quality. So without further ado, I proudly present Rhema's Greatest Non-Hits!

Rhema's Greatest Non-Hits!

01. Big Town
02. Combine Man
03. Come Back Lover
04. Get Out and Dance
05. Insomniac
06. Living for Today
07. Rotunda
08. Secret Information
09. That's Life (Terry Reiff Remix)
10. Very Dangerous
11. Whether It Out
12. 21st Century
13. Son of Living for Today
14. Soo Bawls
15. Combine Man (Terry Reiff Remix)
16. Combine Man (2009 Marc Jackson Remix)
17. Combine Man (Movie Version)
18. 21st Century (Album Version)
19. 21st Century (Movie Version)