Nocturna Filming Locations

"Nocturna" was filmed entirely in New York. 

The opening scene, which features Nocturna feeding in "Transylvania," was filmed at an overpass in a section of Central Park known as "The Ravine."  Apologies for the dodgy quality VHS screen-caps (blame Trancas International Films for not releasing the movie on DVD).

Photo of one of the overpasses in that area from Ben Tannenbaum's site.

Exteriors in Transylvania were shot at Trinity Cemetery in Harlem. 

It's probable that many of the interiors of the Hotel Transylvania were also filmed in the Trinity Church -- and since they were filming at a church, the crew made sure nobody knew they were filming Bonet's lengthy bathing scene!

Jugulia's lair is a vault under the Brooklyn Bridge, which (according to press materials) had been sealed for 100 years prior to production.  Another vault was discovered in 2006 filled with supplies from the Cold War.

The location of the BSA meeting was held at the Soldiers and Saliors' Monument.

The "Starship Discovery 1" disco, which was heavily utilized in the film, was a real club on 42nd Street in New York City.  Previously known as "Omega," "Starship" closed soon after "Nocturna" was filmed.  More information about the club can be found at Disco Music, Disco-Disco, and on the club's Facebook page.