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The Bear That Wasn't

The Bear That Wasn't is a ten minute short (the very last animated short MGM made in the '60s), animated by Chuck Jones and based on the 1947 book of the same name by Frank Tashlin. A bear retreats to his cave for the winter, and when he awakens, he finds a factory has been erected over his home. As he wanders into the factory, everyone insists that he's "a silly man who needs a shave and wears a fur coat," and after a while, he begins to believe them. Evoking the same feel as Jones's Dr. Suess cartoons, this one's a classic that's remained largely unseen... and it caused a rift between Jones and Tashlin, who claimed that they succeeded at turning the bear into a man simply by giving him a cigarette. Currently, it's up on You Tube, and it's available as a bonus feature on the Loony Tunes Golden Collection, Volume 3 DVD.