Moodle MOOC 6

The last thing we have done in the ICT Module is to attend to an ONLINE TALK where all my classmates and I have been the speakers. 

During the talk, we had to EXPLAIN OUR WORK through the module and all the steps we have followed to create our Epublication and all the elements it has.
It has been a great experience as I had never done an online talk before and I felt that all my work was valued, which I liked a lot.
In my opinion this has been a great opportunity to show to rest of the world our work and to make everybody realize how useful ICT are.

As a conclusion, I have to say that I am verry proud of myself for being able to accomplish all the missions and collaborate in some many project. Besides, I would like to thank my classmates who have helped me a lot in every doubt I have and also our teacher Maria Jesús, who has been absolutely patient with all of us.

This picture is the slide I used during the talk for explaining my epublication.