Dreaming in #twima2

I have participated in the project #twima2 ibook.

It was divided in two parts.

First part

It consisted of sharing everybody's dreams in a common document and then turn them into a multimedia product.

I chose a dream called whose authors are Brandon and Logan. The tite is THE DREAM

It talks about what dreams and nightmares are and the ideal dreams of the authors of the dream. It is a very nice and sweet dream and I loved turning it into a multimedia product.

For this, I used Canva which is a tool that I really like because of the wide of possibilities that offers you. Besides, it makes every presentation look very beautiful.

This has been a very interesting project and I have liked it a lot. It has been a great opportunity to be able to participate.

I leave you here a picture of it but if you want to have a look at the complete presentation, clik in this link

Second part

It consisted on creating my own dream. This was a challenge for me at the beginning because it was difficult to find a topic.

Then, after thinking it a little bit, it was clear to me, I had to write about my grandfather, who I love very much.

This is a real dream I had when I was young I cannot forget it. Here youy have it, I hope you enjoy it


When I was little, I used to spend every Saturday with my sister at my grandparent’s. There, we were more than happy and we could do whatever we wanted to. I have very good memories about those Saturdays. I can remember my sister and I wearing my grandmother’s clothes and her rings and heels pretending we were adults and we had an important job. I also remember a little house that my sister and I used to create with my grandfather placing some blankets on the big table of the hall and hiding ourselves under it. We had a lot of adventures and great fun together; I could not stop admiring my grandfather and the way he treated us.

I loved him and I used to dream about him all the time, but I specially remember one dream in which my grandfather was a real  hero to me.


One Friday afternoon, I was in an amusement park with my friends celebrating a birthday. It was great, friends, attractions, chips and coke...an amazing day when you are eight years old. 

My friend Ana and I were sliding in the big yellow sledge (very scary but fun) when suddenly, a voice through the speakers alerted us that two very dangerous murderers had entered the place and that one of us had to go and fight them so that the rest of the people could be safe. My friend Ana and I were panicking and we decided to go with the rest of our friends to see what was going on. Once we were together, we decided that one of us had to fight the two murderers, so we flipped a coin and of course, I was the lucky one who had to do it.

All my friends gave me  some pieces of advice in order to win but I was scared stiff. When I finally decided to go and try to catch the murderers, I started running without looking anywhere, I just wanted to disappear. Suddenly, I heard a horn from my left, I turned my head and there he was, by grandfather in his red cadillac, waiting for me,waiting to save me. My big hero.