History of the Culpeper Minute Men Battalion 1775

At the Virginia convention held May 1775, in Richmond, the Colony of Virginia was divided into 16 districts and each district instructed to raise and discipline a battalion of men "to march at a minute's notice."

Culpeper, Fauquier and Orange counties, forming one district, raised a cadre of 350 men, 150 men from Culpeper, 100 from Orange and 100 from Fauquier, called the Culpeper Minute Men. Organized July 17, 1775, under a large oak tree in "Clayton's old field" (later known as Catalpa Farm).

The Committee of Safety commissioned Lawrence Taliafero, of Orange, to be the Colonel; Edward Stevens, of Culpeper, to be the Lieutenant Colonel; and Thomas Marshall of Fauquier to be the Major of this Battalion. They also commissioned ten Captains for the Companies which were to make up the Battalion, among them were: John Jamieson, then Clerk of Culpeper County and a member of the Committee of Safety; Philip Clayton; James Slaughter; George Slaughter; and Capt. McClanahan, A Baptist minister, who regularly preached to his troops. (It was the custom then to put all the Baptists in one Company, for they were among the most strenous supporters of liberty, The Methodists went into another, according to the wishes of the Committee of Safety which recommended that the different religious denominations each organize companies of their own kind.)
They adopted uniforms consisting of hunting shirts of strong, brown lines, dyed with an extract of the leaves of trees (probably the broad of oak leaves). On the breast of each shirt was worked in large white letters the words: "LIBERTY OR DEATH." (A wag of the times said that this was too severe for him, but that he would enlist if they could change the motto to "Liberty or be Crippled."

Their flag had a rattlesnake with 13 rattles, coiled in the center, read to strike. Underneath it were the words: "DON'T TREAD ON ME." On either side were the words: "LIBERTY OR DEATH." And at the top "THE CULPEPER MINUTE MEN." The Minute Men took part in the Battle of Great Bridge, the first Revolutionary battle on Virginia soil.

No sooner were they formed than the companies of Culpeper Minute Men were absorbed into regiments of the Continental Line, and by Act of Assembly in October 1776, they were dissolved and merged into the militia.

Several original Culpeper Minute Men were sufferers at Valley Forge.

The Culpeper Minute Battalion

19 August 1775-17 December 1776

Third Virginia Convention passed an ordinance on 19 August 17751 that grouped counties into military districts, mandated the districts to raise minute battalions, and also raise a company of regulars.  The counties of Orange, Fauquier, and Culpeper were grouped together and required to raise a minute battalion of 10 companies of 50 men each.  The regulars were to be a rifle company.2
Officers were appointed by the newly formed Committee of Safety for the District.  Lawrence Talifferro of Orange County was appointed colonel, Edward Stevens of Culpeper was appointed lieutenant colonel, and Thomas Marshall of Fauquier major.  In proportion to the population of the counties, four minute companies were to come from each of Fauquier and Culpeper, and two from Orange. 
At the beginning of September recruiting for all of the companies, including the company of regulars, was under way.  Although company of regulars and the minute companies began their existence together with the meeting of the district committee of safety, they very soon parted ways.  Regular companies were to rendezvous at Williamsburg whereas minute companies were to rendezvous at a location set the by the District Committee of Safety, in this case, at the town of Culpeper.  Records of the Committee of Safety for 18 September 1775 show the regulars under Capt. John Green drawing 15 rifles3, an indication that they were already in Williamsburg.  Indeed, of all of the regular companies in Virginia, Green’s was the first to arrive in Williamsburg and pass inspection.  He became the senior captain of the Virginia Continental Line and his company assigned to the First Virginia Regiment on October 21st.
The Culpeper Minute Battalion was reported within a few hours march of Williamsburg by Purdie’s Virginia Gazette reported on October 20th and on October 23rd the captains of the Culpeper Minute Battalion were definitely in Williamsburg starting to draw equipment.4  However, there were weapons for only half the Battalion.  On October 24th, five companies of the Culpeper Minute Battalion were ordered to Norfolk with the Second Virginia Battalion under Col. William Woodford. 
The next day the Committee of Safety received word that British ships are at Hampton threatening the town.  Col. Woodford took a company of regulars and 50 minutemen armed with rifles under Capt. Abraham Buford to defend the town.  Because the minute companies were armed with both muskets and rifles, volunteer riflemen from other companies of the Battalion replaced some of Buford’s own men who were not equipped with rifles.  Buford’s men were stationed in a house and at a breastwork that had been constructed.  Their accurate rifle fire soon had an effect.  The sailors were unable to man their guns except where protected by netting.  A British pilot boat, the Hawk Tender, was captured.  The British lost 2 killed, 3 wounded, and 8 captured. 5
By the end of the first week of November it was clear that half the Culpeper Minute Battalion could not be equipped.  On November 8th The Committee of Safety ordered the Commander-in-Chief of the Virginia forces, Col. Patrick Henry, to discharge the remainder of the Culpeper Minute Battalion from duty at Headquarters. 6  The married men were discharged and single men joined other companies. 7  Col. Taliaferro led half the Battalion home while Lt. Col. Stevens remained to lead five companies to Norfolk under Col. Woodford of the 2nd Virginia.  The companies discharged were those of
      Capt. William McClanahan, Culpeper               Capt. William Blackwell, Fauquier
      Capt. John Williams, Culpeper                          Capt. James Scott, Fauquier
Capt. William Payne, Orange
The companies remaining in service were those of
      Capt. Abraham Buford, Culpeper                     Capt. John Chilton, Fauquier
      Capt. John Jameson, Culpeper                          Capt. William Pickett, Fauquier
Capt. Joseph Spencer, Orange
By November 15th Woodford’s troops were equipped and on the march.
The land route from Williamsburg to Norfolk had a critical choke point at Great Bridge on the south branch of the Elizabeth River.  Governor Dunmore erected a fort here to block Woodford’s approach.  Governor Dunmore ordered Capt. Charles Fordyce to attack early in the morning of the 9th.8  The choke point now worked against the British.  Fordyce commanded about 120 men, but they could advance only six abreast across the causeway.  Most of the defenders held their fire until the British were within 50 yards of the lines.  The British were staggered by the volleys that followed.  Fordyce was killed with over 14 bullets in his body.  The British retreated.  Col. Edward Stevens led men of the Culpeper Minute Battalion over open ground in the action.  The only American casualty was a Fauquier County private in Capt. William Pickett’s Co., Benjamin Arnold.  He was wounded in the wrist.  British casualties are more difficult to determine.  The British did manage to drag off the bodies of a number of their dead.  Col. Woodford initially reported the British casualties at 12 killed and 17 wounded who had been captured, but reported the next day that the British casualties were much higher.9  Leven Powell wrote that the total number of British casualties 102.10  Whatever the number, it was large enough that Dunmore could no longer hold the choke point at Great Bridge.  Dunmore retreated to his ships and the fall of Norfolk to Woodford was inevitable.  Although it would not be until 9 July 1776 that Dunmore finally was forced from Gwynn’s Island, the British had lost Virginia.
Woodford quickly moved to Norfolk and intermittent fighting occurred between the American forces on land and the British forces on ship.  On January 1st the British landed soldiers who set fire to Norfolk.  Virginia troops burned most of the remaining houses.11  On January 2nd some of the Battalion was discharged to return home.  Two of Capt. Buford’s men were killed on January 21st by a cannonball.12  The balance of the regiment was sent home in late March.  Capt. William Pickett’s Company from Fauquier were paid through April 2nd, 1776.13
The Council of the State of Virginia called two battalions of minute men into service on August 10th, 1776.  Unlike the order of 1775, the call was made for companies from six different districts.  Culpeper was required to provide two companies.14   One was a company commanded by Capt. James Nash and was in service at least from August 19th to August 22nd.15  The other company appears to have been under Capt. Abraham Buford. 16  The men were stationed near Jamestown, where many of the men became sick and some died. 17  The last date of documented active service for the Culpeper Minute Battalion was when Lt. Elijah Kirtley drew rations and forage from October 3rd to November 20th, 1776. 18
Minute battalions throughout the state lost officers and men to the newly forming continental regiments as well as the Virginia State Line in 1776.  On 17 December 1776 the House of Delegates passed an ordinance abolishing the minute battalions. 19
Although in existence for only about a year and a quarter, the Culpeper Minute Battalion had a major impact on the American Revolution.  It was involved in engagements at Hampton, Great Bridge, and Norfolk and did garrison duty at Jamestown.  The engagement at Great Bridge was a strategic victory making it inevitable that Lord Dunmore would have to abandon Virginia.  Virginia was free to provide critical troops and provisions both to the North and South until 1781, when the enemy returned to Virginia.  Without this support from Virginia, the outcome of both northern and southern battles of the Revolution could have been very different. 
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Original Members
Culpeper Minute Men Battalion
Culpeper Minute Battalion Officers and Men
for Whom There Is Clear Documentary Evidence
37 officers, 114 men
OFFICERS:                                       RANK                                                COUNTY
Field and Staff
TALIAFERRO, Lawrence                   Colonel                                                Orange
STEVENS, Edward                             Lt. Colonel                                           Culpeper
MARSHALL, Thomas                         Major                                                   Fauquier
POLLARD, Robert                              Adjutant                                               Culpeper
POLLARD,Benjamin                           Deputy Adjutant (volunteer w/o pay)     Culpeper
SLAUGHTER, James                          Quartermaster, Captain,                        Culpeper
TAYLOR, Charles                               Surgeon’s Mate                                    Culpeper
Culpeper Co. Companies
BUFORD, Abraham                            Captain                                                Culpeper
KIRTLEY, Elijah                                  Lieutenant                                             Culpeper
GILLISON, John                                 Ensign, Lieutenant                                 Culpeper
JAMESON, John                                 Captain                                                Culpeper
LONG, Gabriel                                    Lieutenant                                             Culpeper
JAMESON, David                               Ensign                                                  Culpeper
McCLANAHAN, William                    Captain                                                Culpeper
FERGUSON, Samuel                          Lieutenant                                             Culpeper
GILLISON, John                                 Ensign, Lieutenant                                 Culpeper
ROBERTS, John                                  Ensign                                                  Culpeper
NALLE, ________                              Ensign                                                  Culpeper
WILLIAMS, John                                Captain                                                Culpeper
JETT, ------------                                Ensign                                                  Culpeper
Fauquier Co. Companies
BLACKWELL, William                       Captain                                                Fauquier
NELSON, William                               Lieutenant                                             Fauquier
CONWAY, Peter                                Lieutenant                                             Fauquier
CHILTON, John                                  Captain                                                Fauquier
KEITH, John                                        Lieutenant                                             Fauquier
PICKETT, William                               Captain                                                Fauquier
MARSHALL, John                              Lieutenant                                             Fauquier
KEITH, Isham                                      Ensign                                                  Fauquier
SCOTT, James                                    Captain                                                Fauquier
Orange Co. Companies
BRUCE, ____________                     Captain (appointed but did                    Orange
                                                            Not serve due to sickness)
PAYNE, William                                  Captain                                                Orange
BURNLEY, Garland                            Lieutenant                                             Orange
SPENCER, Joseph                              Captain, Quartermaster                         Orange
MADISON, Ambrose                          Lieutenant                                             Orange
WELCH, Nathaniel                              Ensign                                                  Orange
Later Companies (1776), possibly crossing county lines
EDMONDS, Elias                                Captain                                                Fauquier
NASH, James                                      Lieutenant, Captain                               Orange
MEN:                                                 RANK                                                COUNTY
ADAMS,  Littleton                               Private                                                  Fauquier
ALLAN (ALLEN), James                    Private                                                  Fauquier
ALLAN(ALLEN), Moses                    Corporal                                              Fauquier
ALLEN, Vincent                                  Private                                                  Culpeper
ALLEN, William                                  Private                                                  Fauquier
ANDERSON, Spencer                        Private                                                  Fauquier
ARNOLD, Benjamin                            Private                                                  Fauquier
ASBERRY, William                             Private                                                  Fauquier
ATKINS, Ambrose                              Private                                                  Orange
ATKINS (ADKINS), Edward             Private                                                  Orange
AYLOR, Jacob                                    Private                                                  Culpeper
BAAR, Issac                                        Private                                                  Fauquier
BAKER, Samuel S.                              Private                                                  Fauquier
BALLARD, Phillip                               Private                                                  Orange
BARKER, Peter                                   Corporal                                              Fauquier
BLACKWELL, David                         Private                                                  Fauquier
BLACKWELL, Joseph                        Private                                                  Fauquier
BLISS, William                                    Drummer                                              Fauquier
BOHON, Benjamin                              Private                                                  Orange
BOHON, John                                     Private                                                  Orange
BOHON, William                                 Private                                                  Orange
BOLING, Jesse                                                                                               Orange
BOLING, William                                                                                            Orange
BRONAUGH, William                         Private                                                  Fauquier
BROWN, Jeremiah                              Private                                                  Fauquier
BROWN, Jonathan                              Private                                                  Fauquier
BROWN, William                                Private                                                  Culpeper
BUFORD, Simeon                               Private                                                  Culpeper
BURK, Samuel                                    Private                                                  Fauquier
BURTON, William                               Sergeant                                               Orange
BUTLER/BUTLAR, William                Private                                                  Culpeper
CAMPBELL, William                          Private                                                  Orange
CORBIN, Lewis                                  Private                                                  Culpeper
COWHERD, Jonathan                         Private                                                  Culpeper
CRUMP, Travis                                   Private                                                  Fauquier
DARNALL, Rawley/Rolley                  Private                                                  Fauquier
DICKERSON,John                             Private                                                  Fauquier
DULIN, John                                       Private                                                  Fauquier
ELLIOTT, Samuel                                Private                                                  Fauquier
FAYN, William                                    Private                                                  Fauquier
FEWELL/FEWEL/FUEL, Henry          Private                                                  Fauquier
FILBERT, Fewel                                  Private                                                  Fauquier
FINNILL, John                                                                                                Orange
GAINES, Richard                                Private                                                  Culpeper
GRANT, Daniel                                   Private                                                  Fauquier
GRANT, John                                      Private                                                  Fauquier
GRESPY, Martin                                 Private                                                  Fauquier
HAMRICK, Benjamin                          Private                                                  Fauquier
HAMRICK, Siars/Siras/Silas                Private                                                  Fauquier
JENNINGS, Berryman                        Private                                                  Culpeper
JESSOPS, Jacob                                 Private                                                  Fauquier
JETT, Thomas                                      Private                                                  Fauquier
JOHNSON, Yellis/Kelles                     Private                                                  Fauquier
JONES, Charles                                   Private                                                  Fauquier
JONES, John                                       Private                                                  Fauquier
JONES, Henry                                     Private                                                  Fauquier
JONES, William                                   Private                                                  Fauquier
KERWIN, Andrew                              Private                                                  Fauquier
LANTER, Thomas                               Private                                                  Orange
LAWLER/LAWBER, Thomas             Private                                                  Fauquier
LEE, William                                        Private                                                  Fauquier
LINTON, Michael                               Private                                                  Fauquier
LONG, Richard                                   Private                                                  Culpeper
LONG, Robert                                     Private                                                  Culpeper
LUCAS, Francis                                  Private                                                  Culpeper
MADDOX, Ezekiel                              Private                                                  Fauquier
MADDOX, Henry                               Private                                                  Fauquier
MADDOX, John                                  Private                                                  Fauquier
MARSHALL, Thomas Jr.                    Private                                                  Fauquier
MARTIN, Benjamin                             Private                                                  Fauquier
McQUEEN, Alexander                        Private                                                  Culpeper
MILES, Charles                                   Private                                                  Culpeper
MILLER, William                                 Private                                                  Fauquier
MINOR, Jeremiah                                Private                                                  Orange
MOFFETT, Henry                               Private                                                  Fauquier
MONDAY, George                             Private                                                  Fauquier
MONROE, James                                Private                                                  Fauquier
NICHOLAS, Samuel                           Private                                                  Fauquier
NORMAN, Hugh                                Private                                                  Fauquier
O’BANNON, Andrew                        Private, Wagon Master                         Fauquier
O’REAR, Daniel                                  Private                                                  Fauquier
PAYNE, William                                  Private                                                  Fauquier
PRICE, John                                        Private                                                  Orange
RANSDALE, Thomas                          Private                                                 Fauquier
RANSDALE, William                          Private                                                  Fauquier
RICE, William                                      Private                                                  Fauquier
RIDDLE, William                                 Private                                                  Fauquier
SEATON, George                               Private                                                  Fauquier
SIMS, Reuben                                     Private                                                  Culpeper
SINCLAIR, John                                 Private                                                  Fauquier
SLAUGHTER, Phillip                           Private                                                  Culpeper
SMITH, Gerrard/Jared/Garret/,Garnett  Private                                                Fauquier
SMITH, Spencer                                  Private                                                  Fauquier
SMITH, William                                   Private                                                  Fauquier
SMITHER, William                              Private                                                  Orange
SOUTHARD/SOUTHERD,William     Private                                                  Fauquier
STIVER(S), Reuben                             Private                                                  Orange
TAYLOR, Francis                                Private                                                  Orange
TAYLOR, Thornton                             Private                                                  Culpeper
TAYLOR, William                               Private                                                  Culpeper
TAYLOR, William                               Private                                                  Orange
TILMAN, Thomas                               Private                                                  Orange
TOMLINSON, George/Ambrose        Private                                                  Orange
TWISDALE, William                           Private                                                  Orange
UTTERBACK, Harmon                       Private                                                  Fauquier
WALLS, Reuben                                 Private                                                  Culpeper
WATKINS, Benjamin                                                                                      Fauquier
WEALEY, Daniel                                 Private                                                  Fauquier
WHITE, William                                   Private                                                  Fauquier
WHITECOTTON, Axton                    Private                                                  Fauquier
WILLIAMS, James                                                                                          Culpeper
WINFIELD/WINKFIELD,William      Private                                                  Fauquier
WITHERS, James                                Sergeant                                               Fauquier
WITHERS, William                              Private                                                  Fauquier
WITHERS, William                              Sergeant                                               Fauquier
WITHERS, William                              Private                                                  Fauquier
WITHERS, William Ramblin/Hamblin Private                                                    Fauquier
Capt. John Green’s Co., 1st Va. Regt. Officers and Men
for Whom There Is Clear Documentary Evidence
4 Officers, 15 Men
GREEN, John                                      Capt.                                                    Culpeper
TAYLOR, Richard                               1st Lt.                                                   Orange
EUSTACE, John                                  2nd Lt.                                         Prob. Culpeper
LEE, John                                            Ensign                                                  Fauquier
ALLEN, John                                       Private                                                  Culpeper
BARBEE, Daniel                                  Private                                                  Culpeper
BLACKWELL, Thomas                      Private or Sergeant                                              
COLVIN, John                                    Private                                                  Culpeper
FIELD, Henry (III)                               Private                                         Prob. Culpeper
FREEMAN, John                                 Private                                                  Culpeper
GIBBS, Churchill                                  Private                                                  Culpeper
GIBBS, Julius                                       Private                                                  Culpeper
GREEN, Robert                                                                                               Culpeper
                                                        McCLANAHAN, Thomas                   Private                                                  Fauquier
MOTHERSHEAD, Nathaniel                                                                           Orange
REED, John                                         Private                                                  Culpeper
SAUNDERS, Joseph                                                                                       Culpeper
TRIPLETT, George                              Private                                                  Culpeper
WARD, John                                       Private                                                  Culpeper
Men Associated with but Not in the Culpeper Minute Battalion
Other Revolutionary Services Proven
ASHBY, John                                      Express Rider                                       Fauquier
BARBOUR, James                              County Lieutenant of Culpeper              Culpeper
CAMP, Thomas                                   Wagon Master (Civilian)                       Culpeper
FIELD(S), Henry Jr.                             Paymaster (Civil Position)                     Culpeper
MADISON, James (Jr.)                       County Lieutenant of Orange                Orange
                                                                                Also a member of the Orange Independent Co.
Men in Other Military Service
Sometimes Confused with Culpeper Minute Battalion Services
GRAVES, Thomas                               Private, Culpeper Independent Co.       Culpeper
                                                                                Marched to Fredericksburg at the Powder Alarm
JOHNSON, George                            Captain, 2nd Virginia Regiment             Fairfax
SPICER, William                                  Private, Dunmore’s War (1774)            Culpeper
TALIAFERRO, William                       Captain, 2nd Virginia Regiment             Caroline
Additional Men of Interest
Documentary Evidence Is Not Clear Regarding
Culpeper Minute Battalion Service
BLACKWELL, John,                          Captain                                                Fauquier
        Definitely in Williamsburg and associated with the CMM.  Likely a subaltern under
        Chilton, under whom he served as Lt. in 3rd Va. Regt., but probabably not a captain.
CARTER, Thomas Neale                     Battalion Surgeon                                 Williamsburg
        A Dr. Carter was reimbursed for medicines provided to the CMM, but Scribner and Tarter say he
        was James.  Evidence that a Dr. Carter was in the battalion has not been found.
TRIPLETT, Francis                              Captain                                                Fauquier
        Fauquier militia major.  Asserted by secondary sources to have been a Battalion Captain.  Evidence
        that he was in the Culpeper Minute Battalion has not been found.
DILLIARD, William                             Signed (‘X’)  Williamsburg Public
                                                                                Store Day Book for Culpeper Minute Battalion.
GAINES, James                                   Asserted on the Web to have been              Culpeper
                                                                                a minuteman
NORRIS, William                                Signed Wmsburg Public Store                    Fauquier
                                                            Day Book for Capt. Scott.  Likely a subaltern.
PENDLETON, .Henry                         Asserted on the Web to have been a           Culpeper
                                                                                minuteman.  Was in Williamsburg
                                                                                associated with CMM.
PENDLETON, Nathaniel                     Asserted on the Web to have                     Culpeper
                                                                                been a minuteman.
PENDLETON, William                        Asserted on the Web to have                     Culpeper
                                                                                been a minuteman
ROBERTSON, William                        Signed Williamsburg Public Store Day Book
                                                                                for Capt. Williams
SLAUGHTER, Thomas                        Signed Williamsburg Public Store Day
                                                                                book for Culpeper Minute Battalion.
TAYLOR, Thornton                             Appears to have been resident of Caroline Co. at
                                                                                Time of this minute service.
TEASONS, William                             Took delivery on fabric from the Williamsburg Public Store
                                                                                for which Capt. Williams signed.
WALDEN, Ambrose                           Appears to have been resident of Caroline Co. at time of his minute service.

"The Original" Culpeper Minute Men Battalion
Summer, Fall, Winter 1775

OFFICERS:    RANK    COUNTY    REMARKS (*partial genealogy found)

BARBOUR, James    Lieutenant    Culpeper    d. 1775 He was LT in Culpeper Country Militia at the time of forming the Battalion, assisted chief recruiter John Green in securing men.

BLACKWELL, John,    Captain    Fauquier    d. before 1783; 1777, served in Cpt John Chilton's Co. at Brandywine; recommended for rank LT Col. While serving in 2nd Bn Fauquier Militia; as Lt Col commanded 1st Bn Fauquier Militia after oath Sep 1778
BLACKWELL, William    Captain    Fauquier    Mar. 2 Mar 1795 Ann Edwards in Culpeper Co.
BUFORD, Abraham    Captain    Culpeper   
CARTER, Thomas Neale    Battalion surgeon       
CHILTON, John    Captain    Fauquier    b. 1739; 29 Apr 1776, in 3rd VA Regt Continental Line (CL); Killed at Brandywine 11 Sep 1777
EDMONDS, Elias    Captain    Fauquier    1776-7 in Fauquier Militia; was Lt Col in 1st VA State Regt of Artillery; served as Colonel in Fauquier Militia
FIELD, Henry        Culpeper    Battalion paymaster; served in Cpt George Slaughter's Co, attached to 8th Regt, CL; died of sickness during war*
GREEN, John    Captain    Culpeper    Formed as separate Rifle Company with the Battalion and served with the Minute Men units at Hampton, VA, Nov 1775. The company became part of the VA Regt of Foot; died in service unmarried; not to be confused with Col John Green who died 18 Nov 1793 *
JAMESON, John    Captain    Culpeper    b. 1751, d 20 Nov 1810, buried ìcedar Groveî, Culpeper; 13 Jun 1776, 3rd Troop of Horse; 31 Mar 1777, promoted to Maj while in 1st Cont. Dragoons; 2 Apr 1777, transferred to 2d Cont Dragoons; 21 Jule 1778, wounded at Valley Forge; 1 Aug 1770, promoted to Lt Col; 1780 stationed in NY; Clerk of Culpeper County 1772-1880; Captured British spy, John Andre' who had msg from Benedict Arnold betraying American cause; member of VA Society of Cincinnati
JOHNSON, George    Captain    Fauquier   
KIETH, Isham    Ensign    Fauquier    b. 1735 d. 1787; in Cpt William Pickett's Co; Mar 1776, was 2nd Lt 3rd VA Regt; Jan 1777 was 1st Lt 3rd VA Regt CL; resigned Apr 1778 because of eye damage caused by smallpox
MARSHALL, John    Lieutenant    Fauquier    Initially was body servant and drill master. Was son of Major Thomas Marshall. Promoted to Lieutenant in Cpt William Pickett's Co; Jul 1776, 1st Lt, 3rd VA Regt CL; Dec 1776 Lt/Cpt 15th VA Regt, CL (Morgan's Rifle Regt); 30 Nov 1777, Deputy Judge Advocate; Jul 1778 promoted to Cpt; Sep 1778 transferred to 7th VA Regt, CL; 12 Feb 1781 resigned
MARSHALL, Thomas    Major    Fauquier    b. 1730 d. 1802; 13 Feb 1776, 3rd VA Regt CL; 13 Aug 1776, Lt Col; 21 Feb 1777, Colonel; Nov 1777, 1st VA State Regt of Artillery; served to end of war
McCLANACHAN, William    Captain    Culpeper    b. 1730 d. 1802; Raised Company from among his parishioners Called "Fighting Baptistsî After term of service with Minute Men returned as Justice of Peace and minister of Upper Carter's Run Church
NELSON, William    Lieutenant    Fauquier    d. Feb 1777; was in Cpt William Blackwell's Co; Feb 1776, Cpt John Ashby's Co, 3rd VA Regt, CL; died in battle at Brandywine *
PAYNE, William    Captain    Fauquier    Probably not the Cpt William Payne that had the Falmouth Blues that fought at Yorktown and died in Fauquier County nor the Pvt William Payne in Cpt William Pickett's Co.
PICKETT, William    Captain    Fauquier    b. 1742, d. 1814; 1778-9, served as Major in 2nd Fauquier Militia; Mar 1778 recommended but not promoted to Lt Col; daughter married Cpt William Helm
POLLARD, Robert        Culpeper    b. 3 Jul 1756, d. 10 Oct 1842, son of Richard & Elizabeth (Coleman) Pollard, mar. 10 Jul 1774 Joel Underwood, Battalion Quartermaster
SCOTT, James    Captain    Culpeper    His Company with a detail of horseman drove British from Suffolk, VA in Nov 1775
SLAUGHTER, James    Captain    Culpeper    d. 17 Nov 1833; Mar 1776, was Quartermaster for the CMM Battalion; later was Lt Col *
Spencer, Joseph    Captain    Orange    b. abt 1744, mar. ? Moore, daug of Frances Moore; was Baptist preacher; was Cpt in 7th VA Regt; Lt Col in VA militia
STEVENS, Edward    Lt. Colonel    Culpeper    b. 1744 d. 17 Aug 1820; Mar 1776, commanded 5 Co of CMM Battalion in the field; was in the battles of Brandywine, Camden, Guilford Courthouse and the siege at Yorktown. Promoted to Col before 4 Feb 1777; became General; buried Culpeper Masonic Cemetery
TALIAFERRO, Lawrence    Colonel    Orange    b. 9 Dec 1734 Orange county, son of Francis & Elizabeth (Hay) Taliaferro; Commander of the Battalion
TALIAFERRO, William    Captain    Orange    His company was transferred to Col William Woolford's 1st VA Regt; 1777, promoted to Col; 1777, captured and died as POW
TRIPLETT, Francis    Captain    Fauquier    1777, was Adjutant Fauquier Militia; Mar 1778, served as Cpt Fauquier Milita in place of Cpt William Ball, promoted Sept 1778; Dec 1780, was serving as Maj in Fauquier Militia at Cowpens; Jun 1781 appointed Col and served in Morgan's VA State Regt; served to end of war
Williams, John    Captain    Orange    7 June 1776, promoted to Battalion Major; married 5 Mar 1778, Orange county
MEN:    RANK    COUNTY    REMARKS (*partial genealogy found)

ALLAN, Moses    Sergeant    Culpeper    Cpt John Blackwell's Co
ALLEN, James    Private    Fauquier    Cpt William Pickett's Co
Anderson, Spencer    Private    Fauquier    Cpt William Pickett's Co
ARNOLD, Benjamin    Private    Fauquier    Cpt William Pickett's Co
ASBERRY, William    Private    Fauquier    b. 1724, d. Sep 1793 Fauquier County, Son of Henry & Hannah (Hardwick) Asbury; was in Cpt Blackwell's Co according to his widow, Jean Ankrum
ASHER, John    Private    Culpeper   
ATKINS, Ambrose    Private    Orange    Cpt Joseph Spencer's Co.; b. abt 1754, Orange Co; son of James and Elizabeth Smith Atkins; 1776 was in Capt John Scott's Co; 1777 moved to Culpeper Co. and in Capt. John Slaughter's Co.; 1781 drafted but substitute obtained; mar. Frances Mansfield daug. of Jacob & Mary Mansfield
ATKINS, Edwards    Private    Orange    Cpt Joseph Spencer's Co.
BAKER, Samuel S.    Private    Fauquier    Cpt Blackwell's Co.
BALLARD, Phillip    Private    Orange    Cpt Joseph Spencer's Co.
BARKER, Peter    Corporal    Fauquier    Cpt William Pickett's Co
BLACKWELL, David        Fauquier    b. 1753 d. 1841; Cpt John Chilton's Co; 1777, Fauquier Militia; Sep 1780, Commissary, Cpt John Brett;s Co, Lee's Legion
BLACKWELL, Joseph    Private    Fauquier    b. 1755 d. 1826 (brother was Cpt John Blackwell); Cpt William Blackwell's Co; 1776, Cadet, Cpt John Ashby's Co., 3rd VA Regt; Feb 1777, 2nd Lt, Cpt Thomas Blackwell's Co, 10 VA Regt; Nov 1777, 1st Lt; May 1780, prisoner of war at Charleston, exchanged Jun 1781; 1779, was appointed Captain and Co Comdr when Cpt John Chilton was killed at Brandywine; Jan 1783 retired *
BLISS, William        Fauquier    Drummer, Cpt william Pickett;s Co; deserted
BOHON, Benjamin    Private    Orange    Cpt Joseph Spencer's Co.
BOHAN, John    Private    Orange    Cpt Joseph Spencer's Co.
BRANDON, Francis    Private    Culpeper   
BRONAUGH, William    Private    Fauquier    b. 21 Feb 1767, Fauquier County; mar. Lucy Bryan 12 Mar 1792; was in Cpt William Pickett's Co.
BROWN, Jeremiah    Private    Fauquier    b. 1757 d. after 1833; Cpt William Blackwell's Co; 1777, drafted Cpt Samuel Blackwell's Co, Fauquier Militia, Col William Edmonds Regt.; 1781, drafted Cpt Thomas Helm's CO., Fauquier Militia; hired Joseph Brown as a substitute when he became sick at Williamsburg.
BROWN, Jonathan    Private    Fauquier    Cpt William Pickett's Co
BROWN, William    Private    Culpeper    Married in Culpeper 9 Feb 1786, Lucy Campbell
BURK, Samuel    Private    Fauquier    b. 1757 d. 1841; Cpt william McClanahan's Co; transferred to Cpt Abraham Buford's Co; 1777, Private in Cpt Rucker's Co to Delaware Forts; 1781, Pvt in Cpt John Ball's Co, Fauquier Militia
BURNLEY, Garland    unk    Orange    Cpt Joseph Spencer's Co., may have been a LT
BURTON, William    Sergeant    Orange    Cpt Joseph Spencer's Co.
CAMP, Thomas        Culpeper    b. 1753, Culpeper, d. 1801, son of Ambrose & Ann (Marshall) Camp, spouse-Elizabeth Pollard
CAMPBELL, Owen    Private    Culpeper    There were two by this name, one married Jemima Lear, 1787
CHATTERBOX, James    Private    Culpeper    Supposedly drummer boy for the Battalion.
CONWAY, Peter    Private    Fauquier    Cpt William Blackwell's Co.
CRUMP, Travis    Private    Fauquier    Cpt William Pickett's Co
DARNALL, Rawley (Rolley)    Private    Fauquier    Cpt William Pickett's Co; mar. 5 Apr 1788-Winifred Brown
DULIN, John    Private    Fauquier    b. 1743 d. after 1827; Cpt william Pickett's Co; Apr 1776, Enlisted in Cpt John Chilton's Co, 3rd VA Regt; Bef Jun 1776 in Cpt John Ashby's Co; Sep 1777, discharged after Brandywine from Cpt Ashby's Co by Col Thomas Marshall
FEWELL, Henry    Private    Fauquier    Cpt William Pickett's Co
FILBART, Fewel    Private    Fauquier    Cpt William Pickett's Co.
FINCHAM, John        Culpeper   
GARNER, Jonas    Private    Fauquier    b. abt 1740 Fauquier County, d. 1830; son of Vincent & Jemima (Williams) Garner, spouse-Elizabeth; was in Cpt William Pickett's Co
GRANT, Daniel    Private    Fauquier    b. 2 Jan 1759, d. 21 Feb 1831; Cpt William Pickett's Co; after 1775, Pvt in Cpt Gabriel Long's Co, Morgan's Rifle Regt.; Service Certificate issued by Brig Gen. William Woolford *
Grant, John    Private    Fauquier    Cpt William Pickett's Co; 1 Jun 1777, Pvt in Cpt William Blackwell's Co, (#6), 11th VA Regt
GRESPY, Martin    Private    Fauquier    Cpt William Pickett's Co
JAMESON, David        Culpeper    b. 19 Aug 1752, d. 2 Oct 1831 at his home at "Redwood"; commissioned Aug 1780; marched to Carolinas; served as Lt Col in Brigade of Col Stevens; obituary Star Exponent, also article 21 Oct 1898, buried in Culpeper Masonic Cemetery
JENKINS, Richard    Private    Culpeper    (The younger) married daughter of the older
JENKINS, Richard    Private    Culpeper    (The older) married Rachel Sisk
JENKINS, Richard    Private    Culpeper    Nicknamed "Jaw Dick", marched prisoners to Winchester. His pension file explains the nickname: ". . .being very much pressed by hunger, as the company was passing along a road which bordered on a large turnip patch, he reached down and pulled up a turnip but did not break the ranks, for which offence Maj. Welsh of our Regiment gave him a blow which broke his jaw bone, that the blow was inflicted with a large seasoned grape vine. . .he has lost a part of his jaw bone which proceeded from the before mentioned blow, and has suffered much from it. . . "
JENKINS, William    Private    Culpeper   
Jennings, Berryman    Private    Culpeper    Cpt William Picket's Co; Nov 1777 recommended for Ensign in Cpt thomas Bronaugh's Co, oath taken May 1778; died in service 1782 at Guilford Court house, NC; mar. 28 Sep 1779-Susanna Duff, son of Augustine & Hannah (Williams) Jennings
JESSOPS, Jacob    Private    Fauquier    Cpt William Pickett's Co
JETT, Thomas    Private    Fauquier    Cpt William Pickett;s Co; 1777, Pvt in Cpt Elias Edmond's Co, 1st VA Regt. Of Artillery
JOHNSON, Yellis    Private    Fauquier    b. 1 May 1754, Hunterdon, NJ; d. 24 Mar 1823; son of Tunis & Jeremiah (Fosre) Johnson, Mar. 6 Feb 1777-Nancy Jeffries; was in Cpt William Pickett's Co
JONES, Charles    Private    Fauquier    Cpt William Pickett's Co
JONES, Gabriel    Private    Culpeper    d. 1776 in service; 1776, served as Cpt in Col George Gibson's State Line Regt; 1776, joined State marines *
JONES, John    Private    Fauquier    Cpt William Pickett's Co; Oct 1779, Sgt in Corps of Guards, service certified; mar. 2 Nov 1790 Sarah Berry
JONES, William    Private    Fauquier    b. 1759 d. 1834; Cpt William Pickett's Co; 20 Apr 1776, enlisted at Fauquier CH; May 1781, re-enlisted as Sgt in Cpt William Triplett's Cav Co of Col Francis Triplett's Regt; 15 Jul-17 Oct 1781, POW at Yorktown
KERWIN, Andrew    Private    Fauquier    Cpt William Pickett's Co
LAWLER, Thomas    Private    Fauquier    Cpt William Pickett's Co
LAWSON, Robert        Fauquier   
LEE, William    Private    Fauquier    Cpt william Pickett's Co; mar. 15 Dec 1788 Molly Burns
LINTON, Michael    Private    Fauquier    Cpt William Pickett's Co
LONG, Robert    Private    Culpeper    b. abt 1754 Culpeper, d. 25 Feb 1828, Orange County; son of Benjamin & May (Bond) Long
MADDOX, John    Private    Fauquier    Cpt William Pickett's Co
MADISON, Ambrose        Orange    b. 27 Jan 1755 at Montpelier, d. 1793; son of Col James & Eleanor Rose (Conway) Madison; served as Cpt in VA CL; was in Cpt Joseph Spencer's Co., may have been LT in Culpeper Minute Men Battalion*
MADDUX, Ezekiel    Private    Fauquier    Cpt William Pickett's Co
MARSHALL, Thomas Jr.    Private    Fauquier    b. 1761 d. 1817; Cpt William Pickett's Co; Apr 1780, served as Cpt in 1st VA State Regt of Artillery; Feb 1781 Regt paymaster; May 1782, Supernumerary
MARTIN, Benjamin    Private    Fauquier    b. 1758 d. after 1833; Cpt William Pickett's Co; 1776 enlisted in Cpt James Winn's Co, Fauquier Militia; 1777 served as Cpl in Cpt Benjamin Harrison's Co, Fauquier Militia; 1780, served as substitute for James Kemper in Francis Triplett's Co; was Cpl in Cpt John Comb's Co at Cowpens; discharged 1781
MILLER, William    Private    Fauquier    Cpt William Pickett's Co
MOFFETT, Henry    Private    Fauquier    Cpt William Pickett's Co; 1777, Sgt in 3rd VA Regt CL
MONDAY, George    Private    Fauquier    Cpt William Pickett's Co; mar 6 Jun 1785 Isabel Myrtle
MONROE,    Private    Fauquier    Cpt William Pickett's Co
NICHOLS, Samuel    Private    Fauquier    Cpt William Pickett's Co
NORMAN, Hugh    Private    Fauquier    Cpt William Pickett's Co
O'BANNON, Andrew    Private    Fauquier    d. 1813; Wagonmaster, Cpt William Pickett's Co; 1777, enlisted Cpt John Chilton's Co, 3rd VA Regt, CL as regimental wagonmaster; served at Brandywine, Germantown and Monmouth
O'REAR, Daniel    Private    Fauquier    b. 1759 d. 1834; Cpt William Blackwell's Co; enlisted in Cpt John Ashby's Co, 3rd VA Regt, CL; Sep 1779 enlisted Cpt Richard Allen's Co, Col Wade Hampton's Regt, SC Militia; Ordnance Sgt, Cpt John G Lowman's Co, Col William's Regt; May 1780, POW at Charleston, SC
PAYNE, William    Private    Fauquier    b. 1759 d. 1834; Cpt William Pickett's Co; Sep 1778, was Sgt in Cpt Hezekiah Turner's Co, Fauquier Militia; 1780-1781, Sgt in Cpt John O'Bannon's Co, Fauquier Militia
PRICE, John    Private    Orange    Cpt Joseph Spencer's Co; b. abt 1759
SINCLAIR, John    Private    Fauquier    Cpt william Pickett's Co
SISK, Timothy    Private    Culpeper   
SLAUGHTER, Phillip    Private    Culpeper    b. 2 Dec 1758, d. 4 Dec 1849; Cpt John Jameson's Co; wrote diary of C.M.M. Battalion operations; 1776, LT in 11th VA Regt; Cpt, 7th VA Regt; 1777 served in Col Morgan's Rifle regt, was in Cpt Gabriel Long's Co., Joined Gen. Washington's Army in NY; Paymaster, VA CL; 1778 promoted to Cpt; *
SMITH, Gerrard    Private    Fauquier    Cpt William Pickett's Co
SMITH, Spencer    Private    Fauquier    Cpt William Pickett's Co
SMITH, William    Private    Culpeper    b. 1755, d.1850 Culpeper; in battle of Great Bridge; marched to Charleston, SC; in battle of Brandywine and at Valley Forge; 1799 with Col George Rodgers Clark to falls of Ohio for 2 yrs; mar. 20 Dec 1792 Dinah Yager
SOUTHARD, William    Private    Fauquier    Cpt William Pickett's Co
STIVERS, Reubin    Private    Orange    Cpt Joseph Spencer's Co.
TAYLOR, Francis    Private    Orange    Cpt Joseph Spencer's CO., Appointed Cpt of Orange Co. Militia
TOLIDER, Lawrence    Orange       
UTTERBACK, Harmon    Private    Fauquier    b. 1755 d. 1854; Cpt William McClanahan's Co
WEALEY, Daniel    Private    Fauquier    Cpt William Pickett's Co
WHITECOTTON, Axton    Private    Fauquier    b. 3 Feb 1741, Stafford, d. aft 1832; son of George Whitecotton; was in Cpt William Pickett's Co
WINKFIELD, William    Private    Fauquier    Cpt William Pickett's Co
WITHERS, James    Private    Fauquier    b. 22 Sep 1757, d. 16 Oct 1836, Cpt William Pickett's Co; 1777-1778, Ensign Cpt John Lee's Co, Col George Gibson's 1st VA State Regt; 1779, served as LT in Cpt Winsor Brown's Co, Col Gibson's Regt; 1781 served as Pvt (sic) in Cpt Armstead White's Co, Culpeper Militia; served in battle of Long Bridge *
WITHERS, William    Private    Fauquier    b. 1754, son of Thomas, d. 1809; Cpt William Pickett's Co; 1781, Pvt in Cpt John Ball's Co, Fauquier Militia
Withers, William    Sergeant    Fauquier    Son of John; Cpt William Pickett's Co; Nov 1777 was recommended as 2nd Lt in CPt Thomas Bronough's Co, Fauquier Militia
WITHERS, William    Private    Fauquier    Son of Keene; Cpt William Pickett's Co
WITHERS, William Ramblin    Private    Fauquier    b. 1758; Cpt William Pickett's Co; 1776, Sgt in Cpt Peter Grant's Co, Grayson's Additional Continental Regt; 1779, was LT in Cpt James Winn's Co, Col William Crawford's Regt at Fort Pitt; 1781, was LT in Cpt Felix Worley's Co, Col Charles C. Pinckney's SC Regt