What are culinary arts?
Culinary Arts is baking, cooking, foodservice, restaurant management and design.

Culinary is a place to be yourself.  It is a place where creativity and self expression flow like air. The students in this program are welcoming and always willing to help. As a student of Culinary Arts at WACTC, you will have the chance to learn what you need to begin a career in the restaurant business. From learning to properly prepare foods, how to make a variety of meals, and how to manage a restaurant, this program is invaluable as  a launch pad for aspiring culinary artists.

The culinary program offers its' students a chance at internships in the food-service industry. Often, restaurants as well as businesses will enlist the aide of WACTC culinary program to assist the business in preparing food for a corporate event. Culinary Arts at WACTC is the first culinary program to be contacted in the event a business needs aide.

As a student in the Culinary Arts program, you will have the chance to participate in Skills USA competitions, challenging students from across the state, and perhaps the country. The winner of the 2013 Skills USA Baking and Pastry arts is former student Brittany Plante, proving that this course can and will be instrumental in your future success.