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Completing the form on this page will add your name to our mailing list.
We use the list to remind people of upcoming events and any last minute details,
Very occasionally we also send out information that we think might be of wider interest to the group.
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Handling of Personal Data

Chippenham Ukuleles is the name given to an informal gathering of people who come together to play and sing songs. There are no officers, there are no fees and there is no register of attendance. No booking is necessary, indeed no booking system exist. Anyone who is interested can help to organise and/or lead a session.

Announcements about events are managed through the organisations website at The website may include the opportunity for people to subscribe to announcements and updates. Any membership details required by the website will be covered by separate agreements. As an example:  The web hosting in March 2018 is managed by Google and all subscriptions are catered for under the Google terms and conditions.

The organisation maintains a mailing list. Anyone can ‘sign up’, the action of ‘signing up’ implies no commitment but people who do so are referred to as ‘members’. The mailing list allows members to manage their own subscription and requires them to make a positive decision to join the service.

Information about membership is managed through ‘mailchimp’, a popular email subscription service.  This is the only source of information of membership, no individual person holds personal data related to the membership. 

People who regularly get involved in managing sessions are referred to as the Backroom staff as they meet between main sessions to coordinate events. People who regularly attend backroom sessions may be given access to the administrative side of mailchimp in order to send emails. It is envisaged that administrator access to Mailchimp would be limited to just a few people, typically less than 5.

The membership list in mailchimp will only be used to circulate information that is considered, by the backroom staff, to be directly relevant to the purposes of the organisation. This will principally be details of forthcoming events. The distribution list will not be used for general advertising, sales, or political messaging of any type. The privacy statement held on the website will be considered as the authoritative statement. Changes to the Privacy Statement will be notified to members through a simple statement referring to the webpage.

Any person gaining administrator access to the distribution list will be properly briefed and told directly NOT to download personal data or to use it outside of the conditions stated. An administrator breaking this trust will be immediately removed but Chippenham Ukuleles will not be responsible for the actions of rogue individuals.

When a person joins the distribution list their consent to the above conditions is assumed.