Cataract Diagnosis and Management

Our Backgrounds
Cuillin Medical is building a team to bring to market interesting developments is eye diagnostics which have the potential to quantitaviely diagnose cataracts and progress towards effective non-invasive treatment.  We have extensive experience in the Medical Devices sector across the globe we understand what what it takes to get products to market.  We have technical expertise and scientific understanding linked with intellectual property and regulatory approval.  We know that companies require adequate finance bnut have to operate effectively, effciently and economically.  We are bringing together expertise and experience from academia, industry and the healthcare sector froma  number of countries and aim to bring novel products to market in the near future.


Cataracts affect a large number of people around the world.  A cataract is degradation of the lens of the eye gradually becoming cloudy, usually with ageing but also with diabetes and other…  Risk factors include diabetes, smoking, alcohol consumption and exposure to sunlight.  Diagnosis is by visual examination of the eye.  The symptoms maybe improved in the early stages with spectacles but removal of a cloudy lens through surgery and replacing it with an artificial lens is currently the only effective treatment.  Cataract removal improves the quality of life but is generally only readily available in developed countries and in less developed parts of the world, especially rural areas, is not readily available which is especially true for women, those living in rural areas and do not know how to read. 

About 20M cataract operations are carried out in the world each year (3.6M in the USA), the number is increasing and demand outstrips the global ability to diagnose and treat.