List of seminars in HEP / Astro / Cosmo / Nuclear

Unless otherwise specified, all seminars are open to everyone. The venue is the Meeting room of the Physics department. 

If you want to give a talk, write to us. The seminar secretary is Abhijit Bhattacharyya (for the Physics department: and Anindya Datta (for the HEP group:

The list is maintained from April 2014. 

29.04.2014 (Tuesday)        2-30        Golam Hossain (IISER Kolkata)               Signatures of inflation
                                                      Rajesh Nayak (IISER Kolkata)                Gravitational radiation

08.05.2014 (Thursday)       4-00        Ipsita Saha (IACS)                                 125 GeV Higgs, vacuum stability and dark matter in the Type-II Seesaw model

02.06.2014 (Monday)         3-30        H. Zeen Devi (IMSc Chennai)                  Can the observed CP asymmetry in  tau -> K pi nu_tau be due to non-standard tensor interactions?

03.06.2014 (Tuesday)        3-30        Pradipta Ghosh (Madrid)                         Searching evidences of new physics in the light of the μνSSM

26.06.2014 (Thursday)       3-30        Kirtiman Ghosh (Oklahoma)                    Top-jets as a probe of constrained minimal supersymmetric standard model

24.07.2014 (Thursday)       3-30        Ayon Patra (Seoul)                                 Higgs Boson Spectrum in Left–Right Supersymmetric Models

07.08.2014 (Thursday)       3-30        Subir Sarkar (Oxford)                              Seeing the High Energy Universe with IceCube

12.09.2014 (Friday)           2-30        Satyaki Bhattacharya (SINP)                   Statistical Methods in Particle Physics (1st lecture of a series)

24.09.2014 (Wednesday)   3-00        Sumanta Chakraborty (IUCAA)                Black Holes: The Inside Story

26.09.2014 (Friday)           3-30        Probir Roy (SINP/BI)                              Dark Energy of the Universe

12.12.2014 (Friday)           3-30        Bijan Saha (JINR Dubna)                        Spinor field in cosmology and problem of initial singularity

07.01.2015 (Wednesday)   3-30        Diptimoy Ghosh (INFN Rome)                 Boosting stop searches by boosted di-boson

19.01.2015 (Monday)        3-30        Manimala Mitra (Durham)                        On the Origin of Neutrino Mass and  Lepton Number Violating Searches

29.04.2015 (Wednesday)   3-30        Srubabati Goswami (PRL)                       Probing Leptonic  CP Violation in Future Experiments

14.05.2015 (Thursday)      3-30        Debanjan Bose (SungKyunKwan U)          Highlights from IceCube Neutrino Observatory and Future Extensions

09.07.2015 (Thursday)      3-30        Mukesh Kumar (Witwatersrand U)            Explaining the Higgs boson pT distributions with a new heavy scalar boson and a dark matter candidate

11.09.2015 (Friday)          3-30        Dipankar Das (Saha Inst.)                        S3 symmetry and the origin of Cabibbo mixing

17.12.2015 (Thursday)      3-30        Nilanjana Kumar (Northern Illinois)            Vectorlike Leptons at the Large Hadron Collider

23.12.2015 (Wednesday)  3-30        Aritra Biswas (IMSc)                               Schottky Anomaly and the Mesonic Spectrum

13.01.2016 (Wednesday)  3-00        Jogesh C. Pati (Stanford)                        Unity in Particle Physics: A Quest for Beauty and Simplicity

04.01.2017 (Wednesday)  3-00       Avinanda Chaudhuri (HRI)                        Doubly-charged scalars and Texture zeros of
​ ​
neutrino mass 
                                                                                                                           matrices in Type II seesaw
​ ​

31.01.2017 (Tuesday)      3-00       Ujjwal K. Dey (IIT-KGP)                           Assisted Dark Matter

13.02.2017 (Monday)       3-00       Naresh Dadhich (IUCAA and JMI)             General Relativity after 100 years: a matter of perspective

28.03.2017 (Tuesday)      3-00       Ranjan Laha (SLAC)                                
Two new avenues in dark matter indirect detection

29.03.2017 (Wednesday)  3-00      Amit Chakraborty (IPMU)                         
Soft-tracks: a probe of New Physics searches at the LHC

27.06.2017 (Tuesday)      3-00      Avik Banerjee (SINP)                              Higgs : Elementary/Composite?