Thank you for your interest in the CU Engineering Fellows. On this site you will find an in-depth explanation of who the Fellows are in terms of both philosophy and personnel, information about the supplemental instruction, mentoring and advising we provide in the College of Engineering, and resources for both students and faculty to support our goal of enriching the intellectual community here at CU.

Upcoming Sessions

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About the Fellows

The Engineering Fellows of the College of Engineering and Applied Science is an honorary service organization created in the fall of 2004. The Fellows are a select group of academically successful, service-oriented undergraduate students of the College who actively seek to promote academic excellence in the College through peer academic support. Selection and service as a Fellow is one of the College's highest Honors.

Each Fellow serves as a subject matter mentor in one or more areas in which they have a comprehensive understanding of the material. Activities of the Fellows include organized tutorials and review sessions for large courses, and scheduled times that they will be available to provide general academic advice and assistance. Fellows differ from teaching assistants or tutors in that Fellows are likely to have recently taken the relevant courses (in all likelihood from the same instructor), and therefore are able to provide a fresh and focused discussion of difficult concepts.

Fellows have significant flexibility in what they do and how they do it. Each Fellow has the freedom to incorporate concepts and ideas that he or she believes are most effective in aiding others. Acting as both role models and mentors, the Fellows are committed to providing the next generation of engineering students with not only knowledge, but a sense of encouragement that they too can succeed.


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Watch the space below for announcements about upcoming study sessions, speakers, and other Fellows' events and activities. We aim to conduct one study session for each of the covered classes at least once every three weeks.