Custom Scrimshaw Artwork by Crystal D. Herbert, Artist


I specialize in creating beautiful, commissioned scrimshaw artwork to enhance your custom pool cue, pen, jewelry and other items.  Whether you want intricate scrollwork, simple abstract designs, or realistic color depictions, we can work together to create a totally unique piece that is meaningful for you.   Pens, necklaces, and other jewelry are both handmade and scrimshawed by me.

I began working with cuemaker Andy Gilbert in 2000. I have also had the privilege of decorating one-of-a-kind cues for several other well known cuemakers, including Mike Durbin, Jerry Olivier and Leonard Bludworth. 

Currently most of my work is by commission.  To see the scrimshaw pens and jewelry I currently have available, please visit my Etsy shop, The Crystalized Design.  You can request custom designs from there as well.

I hope you will take a few minutes and browse through the photos of my work.  I am always happy to consult with you to come up with your special design.   My pricing is here and you can contact me here.