Spring 2017 Course Coverage

This list describes the classes that the Fellows will be providing help for this semester. For information on when review sessions are tutoring sessions are available, please see the calendar!    

Aerospace Engineering
Fellows: Samantha Growley, Jenny Kampmeier, Matthew Hurst

  Course   Course Title
  ASEN 3128   Aircraft Dynamics
  ASEN 3200   Orbital Mechanics, Attitude Dynamics & Control
  ASEN 3300  Aerospace Electronics & Communications (just support for Practicals)
  ASEN 2003       Aerospace 3: Introduction to Dynamics and Systems

Applied Math
Fellows: Floyd Pierce, Aidan Coffey, Tyler (Toni) Gossett, Abby Fink, Andrew Beel

  Course   Course Title
  APPM 1345  Calculus I with Algebra
  APPM 1350   Calculus I for Engineers
  APPM 1360     Calculus II for Engineers

Chemical Engineering
Fellows: Aidan Coffey, Adam Cronce, Abby Fink, Coleman Force, Tyler (Toni) Gossett, Matt Jankousky, Kianna Nguyen

  Course   Course Title
  CHEN 1211   General Chemistry I
  CHEN 2120   Materials and Energy Balance
  CHEN 3200   Chemical Engineering Fluid Mechanics
  CHEN 3220       Chemical Engineering Separations and Mass Transfer
  CHEN 4521  Physical Chemistry for Engineers

Civil & Architectural Engineering
Fellows: Bridger Baird, Joe Lytwyn, Andrew Beel

  Course   Course Title
  CVEN 2121   Analytical Mechanics I
  AREN 2110   Thermodynamics
  CVEN 3161   Mechanics of Materials I
  CVEN 3313  Theoretical Fluid Mechanics
  CVEN 3424  Water and Wastewater Treatment
  CVEN 4834  Sustainability Principles for Engineers

Computer Science
Fellows: Brooke Robinson, Jenny Michael

  Course  Course Title
  CSCI 1300  Introduction to Computer Science 
  CSCI 2270  Computer Science 2: Data Structures 

Electrical Engineering
Fellows: Matt Haney, Prerit Oberai

  Course  Course Title

Environmental Engineering
Fellows: Abby Fink, Jack Greene

For Spring 2017, Abby will be supporting CVEN 4834, and Jack will be supporting CVEN 3424.

Mechanical Engineering
Fellows: Chip Bollendonk, Christy Carda, Eli Kopp-DeVol

  Course  Course Title
  MCEN 2023  Statics and Structures
  MCEN 2043   Dynamics 
  MCEN 2063  Mechanics of Solids 
  MCEN 3012  Thermodynamics 

Physics & Engineering Physics
Fellows: Kevin Loeffler, Robert Tyrell-Ead

  Course  Course Title
  PHYS 1120      General Physics I
  PHYS 1400   Fundamentals of Scientific Inquiry
  PHYS 2170  Foundations of Modern Physics