Spring 2018 Course Coverage

This list describes the classes that the Fellows will be providing help for this semester. For information on when review sessions and tutoring sessions are available, please see the calendar!    

Aerospace Engineering
Fellows: Samantha Growley, Jenny Kampmeier, Reidar Larsen, Gabe Castillo, Ginger Beerman

 Course  Course Title
 ASEN 2003:  ASEN 3128:  ASEN 3200:  Introduction to Dynamics and Systems 
 Aircraft Dynamics
 Orbital Mechanics/Attitude Dynamics and Control

Applied Math
Fellows: Andrew Beel, Elysia Lucas, Elise Niedringhaus, Robert Tyrell-Ead

 Course  Course Title
 APPM 1350:  
 APPM 1360:  
 APPM 2350:
 Calculus 1
 Calculus 2 
 Calculus 3

Chemical Engineering
Fellows: Adam Cronce, Tyler (Toni) Gossett, Matt Jankousky, Kianna Nguyen

  Course   Course Title
 CHEN 1211:  CHEN 2120: 
 CHEN 3200:
 General Chemistry for Engineers
 Material and Energy Balances
 Chemical Engineering Fluid Mechanics

Civil & Architectural Engineering
Fellows: Bridger Baird, Joe Lytwyn, Andrew Beel

  Course   Course Title
 CVEN 2121:  CVEN 3161:       CVEN 3708:  Analytical Mechanics I (Statics)
 Mechanics of Materials I
 Geotechnical Engineering I

Computer Science
Fellows: Jake Mitchell, Cary Sullivan

  Course  Course Title

Electrical Engineering
Fellows: Matt Haney, Prerit Oberai, Jared Marks

  Course  Course Title

Mechanical Engineering
Fellows: Eli Kopp-DeVol, Geya Kairamkonda, Elise Niedringhaus

  Course  Course Title
 MCEN 2023:
 MCEN 3012:  MCEN 3022:  
 Heat Transfer

Physics & Engineering Physics
Fellows: Robert Tyrell-Ead

  Course  Course Title