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 Cuddlyheart parrot

This custom pony is my namesake. Her design was inspired by the Sun conure parrot.  Her symbol first adorned a Care Bear Parrot that I custom-made for myself a few years ago.  The symbol is a sun conure hugging a red heart with her wings.  She is a white unicorn with super-long rainbow hair to compliment her symbol.

 Here is photo of her while in progress checking out the drawing by Spottedslug. At the end of the 2004 My little pony fair we all enjoyed signing each others t-shirts. Our slug was a little  zealous and drew our personas!

Custom by Woosie


Thank you YLH for my superhero pony persona !!! I think I'll need to make a custom of her one day :)


My parrot Percival checking out my custom "Sally"  the pirate by Liline

Collection Photos

 Currently I am only displaying my childhood collection along with some of my Nirvana ponies in my sewing room.  My G3 Collection (opened ones) are stored in a large drawer under a futon in my living room.   I hope to buy another Ikea shelf like this one to display my customs collection along with my more sought after G3s.  I need to put together my list of wanted G1 ponies - I purchased based on what is visually pleasing to me.  Currently I want a baby Pineapple and all the UK dragons.  Eventually I hope to finish my  Mountain boys, Big Brother collections and winger collections.



My customs collection

     Prize for Spring custom contest 2010

Baby on the way! - Wisteria 2010