Why would I pay someone to cuddle with me?

First of all you are not necessarily paying just for cuddling although there is nothing wrong with that. You are paying for my time and talent and things you may learn and benefit from.

Do you have sex with your clients?

No. And in fact without the expectation of sex, it can relax your mind about it and open yourself up to enjoying touch in other ways and maybe even discovering what it's like to experience so much touch outside of a sexual relationship and have the focus be more on closeness, connection, nurturing, and intimacy. And the more experience you have of cuddling without sex the more you will be in a place of choosing arousal rather than being on auto-pilot.

What if I get aroused in my session?

That's OK. It's just that the purpose or intention of your sessions are not simply for "gratification" or "adult entertainment". Most people have not experienced much touch, especially in adulthood, outside of a relationship that involves sex so it's understandable.
May I take off my clothes?

I never get naked in a first session. Some people have difficulty separating nudity from sex. Occasionally a client would like to remove clothing if they are comfortable. I am open to less clothing at some point and assess this on an individual basis.

May I pay less if I'd just like to cuddle and nothing else (no coaching)?

I would assess this on an individual basis and usually only after the first couple of sessions. Even if you think you don't need any coaching, I have found that usually even a small amount occurs. Also if money is an issue for you, you might like to attend a Cuddle Party (only $25). You could learn some communication skills that translate out into the rest of your life while at the same time getting some touch needs met. It's not the same as what you would receive in a private session with me however it may be just what you're looking for.