Intimacy coaching and professional cuddling

Would you like to improve your intimacy, communication, and relationship skills?

Would you like to get your touch/cuddle needs met in a warm, loving, and caring setting with a friendly, heart-centered, and skilled practitioner?

Would you like some objective feedback and encouragement?

Welcome. You've come to right place.

My name is Diana Meadows and I've been doing cuddle coaching for the past 7 years and find it very rewarding. What is cuddle coaching? Basically I've been telling people that what I'm doing is a niche that fills the gap between just getting a regular massage or going to a sex worker. Difficult to say exactly what would take place in a session as that depends on you. I have listed some possible scenarios in the third column to help you get some ideas. Also you may read the Offerings and FAQ pages for further info.

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Hugs, best wishes, and well being.


A little more about me.

I'm a Certified Life Coach, Certified One Command Practitioner (theta brain wave technique) and Certified Sacred Meditation Practitioner (energy modality involving touch, music and prayer/invocation, non-religious, very loving and heartfelt) and now also a Cuddle Coach. This is simply a starter page I created that will hopefully answer your questions. I will improve upon it as time goes.

Cuddle coaching was born out of self discovery and my desire to include touch into my practice. After a couple of years of my regular life coaching, which I also love, I found it to be a bit unfulfilling simply because it was mostly over the phone and I discovered that I'm a very kinesthetic and tactile person who prefers to be in person with my clients. And then after many months of going to Cuddle Parties and conversations with a mentor, I chose to incorporate touch/cuddling into my practice. You can learn more about me and my regular life coaching and the  techniques I use by going to Pathways to Manifesting.

To schedule an appointment call: 425-368-3017. Hours vary, 7 days a week 9a-9p. First time appointments are only made after speaking on the phone with me first. Email me at email (at) lifecoachdiana dot ws. 

Disclaimer: Especially in regard to the energy modalities. I do not perform healings, cures, or therapy. If you experience something that looks that those to you, you can call it whatever you like. I simply guide, facilitate and coach in a hands-on manner.
Here are a few different examples of session scenarios.

You are someone who would like to receive some touch/cuddling alongside my regular life coaching.

You are someone who is interested mainly in the the touch/cuddling and would also like my objective feedback, encouragement, etc.

You are mostly interested in touch/cuddling and some light massage and are open to learning better communication skills and could use me to experiment, play, and practice those skills.

Every session is for you and about you. I'm very intuitive with my hands and the feedback I've received from clients thus far has been positive. I like to help clients get out of their heads and into their bodies, learning to be present in the moment. I provide a safe space for you to express. I see you at your highest and best and hold you in a spirit of light and love.

Our sessions will take place in a studio I rent in the International district of Seattle.    

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