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NVIDIA® TeslaTM C1060 Computing Processor

NVIDIA® TeslaTM S1070 Computing System     


With the world’s first teraflop many-core processor, NVIDIA TeslaTM computing systems enable the necessary transition to energy efficient parallel computing power. With 240 processor cores and a standard C compiler that simplifies application development, Tesla scales to solve the world’s most important computing challenges—more quickly and accurately.  



 NVIDIA® TeslaTM Personal Supercomputer

Get your own supercomputer.  Experience cluster level computing performance—up to 250 times faster than standard PCs and workstations—right on your desk. The NVIDIA® Tesla™ Personal Supercomputer is powered by up to 960 parallel processing cores and 16 GB of dedicated compute memory to solve large datasets.   Based on the revolutionary NVIDIA® CUDA™ parallel computing architecture, the Tesla Personal Supercomputer puts nearly 4 teraflops of computing muscle at your fingertips. 



NVIDIA® CUDA Technology

Solve Real-World Problems Faster


“…companies and research institutions are finding that graphics processors [with CUDA] can handle other kinds of work 10 to 150 times faster than standard processors.”

-The New York Times (September 23, 2008)


NVIDIA® CUDA is a general purpose parallel computing architecture that leverages the parallel compute engine in NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs) to solve complex computational problems in a fraction of the time.  These problems arise in a variety of professional and home applications—from video and audio processing and physics simulations, to oil and gas exploration, product design, medical imaging, and scientific research. NVIDIA CUDA delivers the only mass market parallel compute platform with over 100 million CUDA-enabled GPUs sold to date.


Developing with CUDA

CUDA allows developers to program applications in C, one of the most widely-used high-level programming languages, which can then be run at accelerated speeds on CUDA-enabled GPUs.  Additionally, CUDA supports other high-level parallel programming languages such as Microsoft® DirectX® and OpenCL, and will have future support for other high-level languages to seamlessly integrate into the development environments of today and tomorrow.


Because developers can easily write applications to take advantage of CUDA, which can run on the large installed base of CUDA-enabled processors, real people—from scientists and researchers to videographers, filmmakers and home PC users—can experience significant speed-ups on a variety of real problems, changing the way they work and live. 


CUDA for Compute Professionals

Compute professionals, like scientists, researchers, and engineers, face extremely complex problems that require the computation of massive amounts of data.   Based on the CUDA architecture, NVIDIA® Tesla computing solutions make new applications possible and significantly accelerate time to discovery—fundamentally changing science and research. A few examples include:


Medical:  TechniScan Medical Systems developed a radiation-free, high-resolution 3D Ultrasound CT allowing them to safely, comfortably, and accurately do a whole breast ultrasound.  As a result of achieving speed-ups of up to 20X over CPUs, exam and results can be delivered in a single office visit.  

Life Sciences:  The National Cancer Institute achieved speed-ups of 12X in research used in cancer drug discovery, reducing result wait-time from 2 hours to 10 minutes.

Financial:  Hanweck Associates has achieved real-time valuation of the entire U.S. listed options market.

Science: National Center for Atmospheric Research realized a 20% speed improvement in their Weather Research & Forecasting Model, saving one week of analysis time.  This work will have direct public impact—allowing them to accurately and timely predict severe storms and hurricanes.


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