Am I Eligible?

Only students who have federal work-study funding (FWS) in their financial aid packages are eligible to participate in the CWSP.  Review your financial aid on your "Student Service Center."
Note: Cornell Tradition and OADI eligible students are also eligible for employment.

Students who have never been appointed to the University Payroll MUST complete an I-9 Form with this this office before they may begin to work OR be appointed to the Payroll. For details go to:

  • FWS awards are determined for a specific employment period—academic year or summer.
  • Funding not used during an academic year or summer does not "roll over." 
  • Students must apply for FWS for the academic year, and then again for the summer.
  • FWS award calculations are based on a student’s financial need. 
  • An academic year award does not guarantee a summer award and vice versa, as situations are liable to change.

FWS eligibility can be reduced or cancelled by the Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment at any time based on changes to a student’s financial aid resources and/or status at Cornell.

 Status changes that directly affect financial aid eligibility include:

1.  taking a leave of absence or withdrawing from Cornell;

2.  registering for part-time enrollment;

3.  registration holds, including bursar, dean’s, and medical holds;

4.  not maintaining satisfactory academic progress; and

5.  receiving outside funding or scholarships.