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My practice is concerned with the infinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present and future as it affects people and things.

2011 -2015. Converging art and social documentary, Midland - Lár Tíre: Cycling the MGWR from Past to Present is a bi-lingual multimedia installation of photographs, notebooks, maps, audio clips and video resulting from the artist cycling the route of the former Midland Great Western Railway (MGWR). The project is a response to research carried out in the National Photographic Archive (NPA). 

In 2009-2010 I investigated an abandoned, leftover space in Broadstone which has taken on a new life of calm and tranquility after a life of activity, social interaction, conflict and intense production. It is a space that is invested with traces of the people who once “inhabited” it with their sweat and breath, and it has encouraged me to look at current values in a different way. Merleau-Ponty would call it an “anthropological space” where mind, body and the world cannot be separated.

         Temporal layering of space, time, colour and technology can lead to a consideration of both the historical past of the location itself and the present moment, that soon passes. The effect should be interrogative, with the viewer reflecting on the elements that interact and co-exist encompassing layers of history, records, skills, knowledge, memories and the passing of time.