Simple Glaze for Sugar Cookies by cucinagirl

3 cups Powdered sugar 
2-4 Tbsp Milk 
1 tsp Vanilla extract (or to taste) 
1 tsp Almond extract (or to taste) 
Food coloring, if desired

Add milk until desired consistency is reached. Glaze should be thin enough that you can drizzle it over the cookies, but not too thin or it will just run off or make the cookies soggy.

I’ve discovered that the neatest and easiest way to apply the glaze is using a pastry brush. (I use a different one for each color). You can also drizzle it over the cookies or pour the glaze onto a plate and dip the tops of the cookies in it.

Also, feel free to add other extracts to flavor the glaze (orange and lemon are both good).