Home page - Cuciakibo iphone game support page

Hi this is the support page for Cuciakibo

for support send email to rg.iphone.support@gmail.com


- my iphone/ipod still has the 2.0 firmware revision (i don't want to upgrade) can i use this game?
  cuciakibo 1.2 has been rebuilt to work well with 2.0 firmware

- when does the game end?
  the game ends when you lost 10 objects

- should i use multitouch in order to play?
  well, you can use it or not ... it's your choice

- can i pause the game?

- how many fingers can the game sense?

- can i publish my highscore? do you have a web based public scoreboard?
  YES, you need to upgrade Cuciakibo to the latest version in order to check your highscore worldwide and within your country

- can i see the best scores?
  YES. just go to  the cuciakibo hall of fame website

- do you use gps to get the country i am in?
  NO i'm lazy... i'm just using your language setting :)

- what is you best score?
  i think i'm not too good at this game... i've got something like 25 HITs in impossible mode... my girlfriend just did an astonishing 179 HITs in medium ...
  can you do better? now you can check instantly :)

- what does the title "Cuciakibo" means?
  it doesn't have a meaning... it's just a word i liked :)

- ehhh what happens over 150 HITs???? it's so fast ... it's a bug?
  no it's not... :)

- i'd love to have a nice soundtrack during the game ... can i?
  well, right now you can use your ipod built-in features and then start playing cuciakibo, your music won't be stopped.
  in the next release i'm going to include a beautiful soundtrack exclusively made for cuciakibo by a really good composer :) it shouldn't take more than a few days
  (@thecomposer: is that right lewix??? isn't it??? :-D )

- this game is horrible 
  oh come on... it's free, don't be so rude.