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Giclèe is an individually produced, high quality, high resolution reproduction done on a large format inkjet printer.

Giclèes are produced from digital scans of existing original photographs and original fine art. The giclèe printing process provides better color accuracy than other means of reproductions.

The quality of the giclèe prints is presently found in art museums and art galleries. It has changed the path of professional photographers, digital fine artists, graphic designers and fine art painters.

A signed limited edition of 30 from an original photograph will be printed on an acid free 100% cotton rag canvas and/or 100% mouldmade fine art archival paper.

At times, if I consider it necessary, I will enhance my artwork with hand painted strokes, turning photography into mixed media

Artist Statement

“My demanding sense of aesthetics creates a constant struggle with my creativity, to a point of uncertain decisions. Sometimes when I look at a flower I like it without the leaves, and when I look at a leaf I like it without the flower.”