“There is something magic about light. It bathes everything it touches, thus creating shadows and producing shapes. It is its beauty which motivates and challenges the artist to balance light and shadow. All this takes place even before thinking about the person to be photographed; however the effect of light falling over the subject always inspires me. It is all a matter of observation and analysis. In the end the person sitting in front of you is what counts, a human being who deserves to be immortalized, just for the fact of being the protagonist of Creation.”


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These contemporary and unique cards are created with a technique that evolves from an original photograph, and reaches amazing results of quality and beauty through a post-production, which is a transition of an original photo to a creative digital image.

Pushing to the limit the possibilities of a simple picture, hers are exclusive pieces, highlighted by a small Swarovsky stone adorning the art work, all presented in a fine envelope wax-sealed with a personalized silver anagram.

These cards (in 100% mouldmade archival fine art paper) are designed specially for corporations or individuals that are in need of special gifts for their clients or guests. They are also available for Weddings, Baptism and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.