2 Years Old
in the beach

7 Years Old
first recital

16 Years Old
student "Ballets
de San Juan"



First professional performance at the Plaza Hotel N.Y.C
For the Phillipine Embassy, photos by: Martha Swope


photo by: Martha Swope Exhibited at the school of American Ballet, N.Y.C

photo by: Ivanhoe Adrover, N.Y.C

"Mancheño & Carmelilla"
MCA Limited

Maria del Carmen “Cuca” del Rincon was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where she had an unforgettable childhood, being brought up in front of a spectacular tropical beach. Her father, Angel Aviles, was a prominent architect from whom she inherited the talent and the artistic abilities.

She attended the well known Robinson School and while still in her adolescence, took ballet with the famous Russian choreographer George Balanchine at the School of American Ballet in New York City. As a result she fell in love with dance, and soon enough became a professional, performing in some of the world’s most prestigious theatres, including Teatro La Fenice in Venice, Teatro La Scala in Milan, Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires, Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid, and Lincoln Center in New York, to name a few.

Some years later she married and moved to the Catskills Mountains in upstate New York. It was this magical environment that sparked her interest in photography, and soon became an obsession that led her to matriculate at Sullivan County Community College, where she studied Graphic Arts, specializing in photography. Later on she worked as a freelancer in New York City.

Presently, Cuca has returned to her roots and now lives in Old San Juan (World Heritage Site by UNESCO), where she has her studio, rooted in the splendor of the XVI century walled city of unrivaled beauty from which she receives constant inspiration.

photo by: Gyenes
Madrid, Spain

photo by: James Kriegsman, N.Y.C

"Mancheño & Carmelilla" MCA Limited




Arte Altea Gallery, Valencia, Spain

Artis Gallery, Valencia, Spain


Arte Solidario, Palacio de Benacazón, Toledo, Spain

Codevisa, Noches de Galerías, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Codevisa, Recinto Sur, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Codevisa, Alcaldía de San Juan, Puerto Rico

Fondos Unidos de Puerto Rico

Mi Rincon Gallery, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Sapientis, San Juan, Puerto Rico


Mi Rincon Gallery, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Fondos Unidos de Puerto Rico


Centro Cultural Sampedrano, S. Pedro Sula, Honduras


Pacheco Gallery, Tampa, Florida, USA


Pacheco Gallery, Tampa, Florida, USA


Arch Gallery, NoHo, New York, USA


Gusto Gallery, Miami, USA


Centro Cultural Sampedrano, S. Pedro Sula, Honduras


Amazoni Gallery, Grove Isle, Miami, USA


Mitch Morse Gallery, New York, USA

Kutsher’s Hotel, Monticello, New York, USA


Nevele Hotel, Ellenville, New York, USA


Sullivan County Community College, New York, USA

Tamarack hotel, Woodbourn, New York, USA