No, we are NOT open, yet.

Also, we swear that we will buy a real domain name soon.

Sorry for the lack of updates, we are currently very busy but we should be continuing work soon.

Notice - At the moment, shipping is planned to be only in the USA (we might consider other areas) for 3 dollars per order (might be different for larger orders) and our only method of payment will be PayPal.

Michael Womack's Mod Service
While we do plan on throwing in mods as an option in the near future, keep in mind that if you have a cube already, and you want it to get modded, you can send it to our friend, Michael Womack, who can do the mod for you. His service is worth checking out if you have a cube already that you want modded, but don't know how to do it or don't know if you have the skills to do so.

Please note, Michael is not involved with any part of our business in any way. Anything done here, including selling, shipping, and any services, including modding, are done only by Thomas and Brendan. We are simply giving a referral to a friend's service.