This website contains two audio files and an explanation.

Here are the audio files (click here for advice on downloading):

 Cub Trip South (28 MB, 63 min.)  MP3  zip
 Cub Trip North (15 MB, 34 min.)  MP3  zip
And here is the explanation:

In the Spring of 1998, I flew a 1946 Piper J3 Cub from Post Mills, Vermont to Fort Myers, Florida and back.  The purpose of the trip was primarily to visit my parents on Sanibel Island and secondarily to prove to myself that Cubs can still be used for long distance flying.  The trip started on April 1 and took approximately five days each way (yes, it's slower than by car).

Along the way, I dictated notes to myself on a cheap handheld tape recorder. The audio notes saved me the trouble of writing down my takeoffs and landings, checkpoints, reminders-to-self, and touristic observations of things on the ground.

When I got back home to Vermont, I listened to the tapes once and put them in my sock drawer.  I forgot about them until the summer of 2009 when I became interested in digital audio in general and podcasts in particular.

Using the open source Audacity program, I digitized the tapes and burned a CD, which I put in my sock drawer alongside the tapes.  It was an enjoyable introductory audio project.

Partly inspired by the Uncontrolled Airspace Podcast (UCAP), I decided to publish the audio files here.  The UCAP website is the gathering point for a nice bunch of General Aviation enthusiasts.  The cult leaders are three knowledgeable guys who produce an entertaining weekly podcast and encourage other aviators to tell their stories.

My audio notes do not, in fact, constitute a coherent story.  The intended audience for the notes was just myself.  Consequently, many of the references to people and places won't make sense to others.  My attempt to provide some context is on the Details page.