New to Scouting

Welcome to Pack 950.  You probably have questions about our pack.  How things work, who is in charge, what should my son wear, can I bring along his siblings, and many more?  We are working on an FAQ to answer all these questions and more.  If you have a question please contact your Den Leader.  When you have a question during a meeting just ask a leader in a Brown Shirt.  If that leader doesn't know the answer they can point you to who does.  

How are Cub Scouts organized?  This is probably one of the most common questions for all parents who have no experience in Cub Scouts.  A Scout belongs to a Den, a Den belongs to a Pack, and the Pack is part of a District.  It keeps going but let's focus on the people you will interact with weekly.  A Den is a group scouts, usually 3 to 8, who meet weekly and have fun, learn, and complete adventures together.  A Pack is all of the Dens coming together.  We do this once per month either at Potowmack Elementary School or on a camp out.  The Council for Pack 950 is the Goose Creek District and it covers ALL of Loudoun County.

Who are the adults in charge?   Pack Leadership consists of volunteers, some are trained leaders in brown BSA uniforms and others are adults that have taken on a role for the weekend.  The Cub Scout Leadership is broken into four groups:  Den Leaders and Asst Den Leaders, Cub Master and Asst. Cub Master, the Pack Committee and Untrained Volunteers.  Almost every adult volunteer has a scout in the pack.
    1.  Den Leaders and Asst Den Leaders:  There are generally 5 Dens (one for each grade level) and the Den Leaders organize these meetings.  
    2.  Cub Master and Asst. Cub Master:  When all of the Dens come together we are called a Pack and these Pack meetings are run by the Cub Master (and sometimes an Assistant Cub Master).  
    3.  Pack Committee:  This group of adults oversees all of the activities of the pack.  The Pack Committee consists of a Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, and several other position.  The Popcorn Kernel is probably the most visible member of the pack committee as this adult organizes our popcorn fundraiser which has decreased pack dues.
    4.  Untrained Volunteers:  This group includes every adult that every steps up and leads a hand.  Please ask to help, we need it.

Can I bring along his sibling?  The answer to this is almost always ....  YES!  Cub Scouts is family friendly and siblings are encouraged.  If the answer was No you would be told of this exception.  Now you as the parent are expected to use good judgement before bringing the sibling.  If the Bear Den is going on a 5 mile hike and you also have a toddler, well perhaps leave the toddler with a responsible adult.  Now when we go camping, we camp as families.  The only adult that should ever be in a tent with a child is the parent of that child.

What is two deep leadership?  In Cub Scouts the leaders are very protective of all the scouts.  Each leader must go through Youth Protective Training.  There are lots of parts to YPT but the big focus of this training is that a child may NEVER be alone with just one adult.  (Unless that adult is the parent of the scout.)  We are required to keep 2 leaders present with kids at all times.

What should my son wear to _____ event?  The most common thing Cub Scouts wear is their uniform (also called a Class A uniform).  Here is a link to the BSA website with what it looks like.  In Pack 950 we do NOT require boys to wear the official BSA pants but pretty much everything else.  A uniform can be purchased at two locations locally:  Leesburg and Springfield.  Leesburg Hobbies and Collectibles carries everything your son will need for his uniform.  The Springfield store is a Boy Scouts and Cub Scout store and it carries everything and way way more than you need.  You need a shirt, hat, neckerchief, slide and belt.  The pack will supply the book out of your pack dues.  In Pack 950 we also supply each Cub Scout with a Class B T-shirt.  This T-shirt is for meetings where the scout might be getting a little bit messier than usual.  We often wear Class B shirts on hikes and camping.

What patches should my son have on his uniform?  Pack # 950 Big Red Numbers, his Den # (which varies depending upon which Den he is in so ask the Den Leader), the National Capital Area Council patch, and the World Crest Insignia.  Both scouting stores will help you with these items but you need to know your numbers before you go there.  Here is a link to where they go on the uniform.  Many parents prefer the wonder of Badge Magic to put all these patches on the uniform, others sew them on and some parents use a little bit of both.  There are lots of other patches and rank awards and as your son participates he will earn them and these are purchased through the Pack funds.

What are some of the Packs big events?  There are many large all Pack events.  In late October we will have a camp out, if your son is new to scouting he should try and earn his Bobcat Rank before this camp out.  In November we will conduct our Scouting for Food drive where the scouts distribute bags one weekend and collect them back filled up the following weekend.  In January we have the Pinewood Derby in which your scout's den will race against each other and then the best cars from each den will race for title of fastest in the Pack.  In February we have the Blue and Gold Banquet which is a celebration of scouting and our oldest scouts generally earn the Arrow of Light at this event.  In March we have a Cross Over Ceremony and say goodbye to our 5th graders that are moving on to Boy Scout Troops.  In May we have our Spring Camp out and Rank Ceremony.  In June we have a Rocket Derby to blast into summer.