Campfire Ashes

The Tradition

Ashes taken from a campfire are sprinkled onto the flames of the next campfire. The next morning, when the ashes are cold they are stirred, and each scout takes some along to mix with his next campfire. If more than one Scout brings ashes to the same campfire, the lists are pooled recording the names and dates of all campfires. The new combined list is then passed on.

It is a tradition that only those present at the ceremony carry away ashes from that campfire.

We carry our friendship with us in these ashes from other campfires with other scouts in other lands. May the joining of the dead fires with the leaping flames symbolize once more the unbroken chain that binds scouts and guides around the world. With greeting from scouts everywhere.

These ashes were originally carried by American scouts around the world and are now being carried by scouts from many countries.

Our Campfire Ashes History

Our Pack’s campfire ashes have some from thousands of campfires spanning over 100 years of Scouting.  They include ashes from 57 different countries or territories, and 6 continents.  Our ashes have experienced countless world and national jamborees.  They have even travelled to the moon.

Countries / Territories
Algeria Honduras Panama
Argentina Hong Kong Philippines
Australia Hungary Portugal
Austria Iceland Puerto Rico
Belgium India Russia
Brazil Ireland Saudi Arabia
Canada Italy Scotland
Colombia Japan South Africa
Denmark Jordan Spain
Egypt Kenya Sweden
Estonia Korea Switzerland
Falklands Liechtenstein Taiwan
Finland Luxembourg Thailand
France Malaysia Trinidad
Germany Mexico Tunisia
Ghana Morocco USA
Greece Netherlands USSR
Guatemala New Zealand Vietnam
Holland Norway Wales

Africa Australia North America
Asia Europe South America

Celestial Bodies
Earth The Moon

Our Campfire Ashes Listing

Click here to view a copy of our campfire ashes history.