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4th Grade
       or 9-10 Yrs

Den Leader
Rob Pfuhler

Our Goals  Webelos is a 18 month program for 4th and 5th grade boys to prepare to join a Boy Scout troop while learning outdoor skills. A well-run group of Webelos is a gradual change from being an 'adult-run' den to being a 'boy-run' patrol ready to fit right into an adventurous scouting troop.

Summary The Webelos program has two major milestones - the Webelos rank badge to be earned at the 4th grade level and the Arrow of Light to be earned at the 5th grade. The final part of Webelos is bridging over into a Boy Scout troop selected individually by the scout.

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What the Jr. Webelos are "Doing"... 
  • Next Den Meeting, Wednesday, April 26 at 6:30

    Next meeting next Wednesday, 4/26


    Posted Apr 17, 2017, 6:00 AM by Robert Pfuhler
  • General Jr. Webelos Information

    Uniforms- Webelos can either keep wearing the blue cub scout uniform or switch to the tan Boy Scout Uniform.  Most Webelos choose the Boy Scout uniform.  You should continue to wear the blue cub scout belt, since that’s where the Adventure Loops go;


    Handbook- if you have not yet picked up the Webelos Handbook, you should do so.  New scouts, you should begin reviewing the requirements for the Bobcat Badge on p. 22.  Everyone should start memorizing The Outdoor Code and LNT Principles on the last page- knowing them by heart is a requirement for 1 of the activities;


    Religious Medals- one of the required activities is “Duty to God and You”.  There are a few ways to complete this.  One of the ways is to earn the religious medal of your faith.  If everyone does this, it would make all of our lives much easier.  For Catholics, it is the Parvuli Dei medal.  You can pick the book up at the Scout Store or on line here- http://www.scoutstuff.org/parvuli-dei-record.html#.V7dDcVsrLcs You can complete the book on your own.  It is due back around Thanksgiving.  The medals will be presented at a Mass at St. Peter’s in January.  If you are not Catholic, let me know what denomination and I can point you in the right direction.  If you do not want to earn the medal, I need to know that too so we can work on the alternative.  The alternative is on p.52 of the Handbook and as you will see is somewhat involved;


    Compasses- if you did not get the compass I asked you to get last year, please get it know.  Here it is- http://www.scoutstuff.org/silvar-polaris-compass.html#.V7dEf1srLcs The Scout Shop should have it well;


    Ten Essentials- Here is a list of the 10 Cub Scouting Essentials-  http://scoutermom.com/1228/outdoor-essentials-for-cub-scouts/  Please start gathering what you do not have. Don’t worry about the first aid kit, we have to make personal first aid kits for the First Responder requirement).  The Boys will need to have these in a small back pack at one of the first meetings.  New scouts, we will work on the Whittling Chip before or after the first 2 meetings so that you can carry a pocketknife;


    Camping- at some point during the Webelos program, you have to Camp overnight and perform a number of activities during the Campout.  The next Camping trip is at Pouch Camp from November 12-13.  Whoever goes on the camping trip will work on the Camping activity.


    Camp-o-Ree- mark your calendars for Saturday, May 20.  The Camp-o-Ree is a Boy Scout event at Pouch where Troops from all over the Island compete against each other in 6 or 7 events.  Jr. Webelos Dens are invited as well to compete against other Jr. Webelos, so we will need everyone there.  As it is an activity with the Boy Scouts, it also fulfills an Arrow of Light Requirement.  Our 2014 and 2016 Jr. Webelos Dens cane in in Second Place on the Island.  This year we are going to win.


    Webelos is an 18 month program which will (hopefully) result in everyone earning their Arrow of Light Badge and crossing over to Boy Scout Troop 37 in March, 2018.  Our immediate goal is to complete the requirements for the Webelos Badge by the Blue & Gold Dinner in February.  We have to complete 5 required activities and 2 electives.  There is a lot to do, so we will be having at least 2 and sometimes 3 meetings per month.  Some of these will have to be on the weekend, since we have to do a 3 mile hike and will have to go to Pouch at some point to work on fire building.  Also, with The Tiger, Wolf and Bear Badges, there was a lot of leniency with the requirements.  As Webelos is a transition to Boy Scouts, that is no longer the case.  All requirements must be completed to earn the Webelos Badge this year and Arrow of Light next year.  If you miss a meeting, it is your obligation to make it up.  I will be happy to come early or stay late to work on whatever was missed, but it has to be done.  We don’t give out participation trophies.


    Posted Aug 24, 2016, 1:55 PM by Robert Pfuhler
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What the entire Pack is "Doing" Together... 
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    Posted Apr 17, 2017, 5:56 AM by Robert Pfuhler
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