Pack 37 will be participating in the new Lion program for Kindergarten boys beginning in the Fall, 2016.  Please contact Rob Pfuhler at for more information.

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posted Sep 8, 2016, 12:38 PM by Robert Pfuhler   [ updated Jun 12, 2017, 10:36 AM ]

Greetings Lions families!

First off, welcome to Cub Scouting! I hope you find the program rewarding and valuable in the development of your young boys. 

We will cover the Lions Honor event in your books. That means each of you will need to have a book for your Lion at some point. I have two extras, they are $8 and include the reward stickers. The Scout Store has them, otherwise.

Each Lion needs a uniform. It consists of only the tshirt and ball cap. Both are available at the Scout Store at Pouch Camp located on the island on Manor Rd. Just tell them you have a Lion in Pack 37, they'll know what you need. The boys wont have to have the uniform right away if you need more time to get it, but they will need it at our first Pack Night meeting where they will be introduced to the rest of the Scouts in the pack. That event has not been scheduled yet, but expect it in November. Certainly, if your Lion will attend Fall Camping in November, he will need the uniform.

Lions are not required to camp to earn their badges. We have two Pack-specific camping trips. The first will be in November. Your Lion and you are welcome to camp with the Pack, but no Lion is required to do so. 

Keep an eye on the Pack 37 web site at for details and events. 

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