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Parent Shopping List at the Scout Store or online:

1.  Khaki shirt
2.  Blue shoulder loops
3.  Council patch (you may reuse the old patch)
4.  World Crest Patch (purple patch)
5.  Optional:  Olive BSA Pants

Pack Provided Items:

1.  Webelos rank patch (attach with Velcro for future ease).
2.  Dark Green and Khaki Pack 364 patch.  (The order has been placed, we'll provide it to you as soon as the order arrives).

Where does everything go?

Visit BSA's uniform page for details.  http://bsauniforms.org/webelos-tan

Left Sleeve:  Council patch on top, Dark Green and Khaki pack 364 directly under it, with optional velcro for a position patch at the bottom.  Patch is exactly 3 inches in diameter, the velcro should be between 2 3/4 and 2 7/8 inches with the soft side attached to the uniform, hard side attached to the patch.  
Right Sleeve:  American flag on top
Left Pocket:  Velcro and Velcro Rank patch 
Right Pocket:  nothing
Right/Left shoulder:  Blue shoulder loops

Optional:  Add a velcro for a Troop Position Patch (like the Patrol Leader patch) to the left sleeve as illustrated below (we can provide sample rank patches for sizing).

Visit the Scout Store to purchase uniform items:

Scout Store

Suky's Tailors does a good job with Scout uniforms:  

Suky's Tailors

Questions?  Contact the Webelos Den Leader