Pack 364 Bylaws

Nature and Purpose of the Pack

This Pack operates under the guidelines of Boy Scouts of America as incorporated on February 8, 1910, and charted by Congress in June 1916, which is to provide for boys an effective educational program designed to build desirable qualities of character; to train in the responsibilities of participating citizenship; and to develop personal fitness. In Cub Scouting, boys, families, leaders, and chartered organizations work together to achieve the following objectives

Develop character and encourage spiritual growth. 
Develop habits and attitudes of good citizenship. 
Encourage good sportsmanship and pride in growing strong in mind and body. 
Improve understanding within the family. 
Strengthen the ability to get along with and respect others. 
Foster a sense of personal achievement by developing new interests and skills. 
Show how to be helpful and do one’s best. 
 Prepare boys to become Boy Scouts.


The Chartering Organization, Bayside Presbyterian Church, has responsibility for providing Pack leadership, a meeting place, and ensuring the Pack operates within BSA guidelines.

The following policies are intended to serve as rules of execution for all Pack business and functions. Please read this manual carefully and in its entirety. This is a “living document” and may need modifications or improvements depending on the current environment of

Scouting and Cub Scout Pack 364.
Parent Responsibilities
Each Parent/Guardian, by registering his/her boy in the Pack, assumes the following duties and obligations:
  1. Encourage his/her Cub Scout(s) attends regularly scheduled Den and Pack meetings.
  2. Understanding the importance of his/her role in the Cub Scout Advancement Program.
  3. Understanding that for the protection of the boys, every parent should take Youth Protection on
    • Please submit a copy of the certificate to your leader to be turned in for the Pack record.
  4. Serving as an active member on one of the following of our many Pack Program Committees, such as:
Pinewood Derby
Rain Gutter Regatta
Summer Events
Cake Bake-Off
Genius Night
Summer Picnic
Crossover Ceremony
Blue and Gold Dinner
Food Drive
Special Projects
Cub Scout Day Camp
Uniform Inspection
Community Project
Arrow of Light Ceremony
Membership & Recruitment   



Membership Recruitment activities are held twice each year to encourage Cub Scout-age boys in the immediate local area to join our Pack. These activities are held in the spring and fall usually at Thoroughgood Elementary School. New boys are welcome to join the pack at any time in the year. Boy Scouts of America (BSA) registration and Boys’ Life will be paid in full and the Pack dues will be prorated.
  • A BSA application must be completed for each boy. This application will be accepted after at least one parent or guardian reviews Pack Bylaws and parent/guardian participation requirements. Acceptance of the Bylaws requirements are shown by signature on the Pack Participation Statement attached.
  • Den membership will be limited to eight boys.  When a Den/Patrol reaches the 9th Scout theyshould split into two dens/patrols. Scouts will be split based on when they joined; therefore, Scouts 6–9 would make up the new Den/Patrol unless there is an arrangement made and mutually agreed upon by all involved. 
  • Den Leaders will only be asked to take as many boys into his/her Den as he/she feels is manageable. Accepting more than eight boys requires the permission of both the Committee Chair and the Cubmaster. Membership in the Pack is directly controlled by the availability of adults to be Den leaders. New boys will not be accepted into the Pack if leadership cannot be recruited. However, interested Scouts can be placed on a waiting list till leadership is recruited.


Boys transferring into our Pack from another Pack must fill out a Cub Scout registration form with medical information, and pay the current Council transfer fee of $1.00. The Pack Registration fee will be prorated.  

Internal Transfers
Transfer within the Pack of a Scout from one Den/Patrol to another Den/Patrol within the Pack will be permitted only with the recommendations of the Den/Patrol Leaders involved and approval of the Cubmaster.

Inactive Status

If a scout is inactive, the Cubmaster will contact the family after a period of time determined by the leader and the Cubmaster to determine interest in remaining in the Pack.  However, the Scout will remain a member of the Pack until his recharter expires (December 31) or until the parent informs the leader that the Scout is no longer interested.


$10 per month or $110 if paid by June 30.

Medical Forms

Parts A and B (all parts available on Pack website on the bulletin board)  are to be completed at least annually by participants in all Scouting events. This health history, parental/guardian informed consent and hold harmless/release agreement, and talent release statement are to be completed by the participant and parents/guardians. Pursuant to BSA Policy, the shot area of the Medical Form must have dates. This is because we do not have access to school or Doctor records. The Class A&B Medical Form should always be in possession of the Den Leader who is in charge of the trip or outing.

Part C is the physical exam that is required for participants in any event that exceeds 72 consecutive hours or when the nature of the activity is strenuous and demanding. Scouts participating in Cub Scout/Webelos resident camp or Sr Webelos joining the Troop for joint camping trips must have this completed. Service projects or work weekends may fit this description also. Part C is to be completed and signed by a certified and licensed health-care provider—physician (MD or DO), nurse practitioner, or physician assistant annually.
The rule: If the leader does not have a permission slip and Class A & B Medical Form in their possession for a particular boy, that boy may not participate in the trip or outing. This is even true for outings where a parent is present. If something was to happen to both boy and parent and the parent was unable to sign-over care for the boy, we would still need the Class A & B Medical Form.



Uniform Standards

The Pack's goal is to have each boy and adult leader in complete uniform as described by Boy Scouts of America. The uniform for both the Cub Scout and adult leader is an important and meaningful part of the Cub Scout program. We recognize the cost involved to outfit each Cub Scout and leader.  Adult leaders should provide the example of wearing their uniform to Scout functions and especially to Pack meetings. The pack will reimburse new leaders for the cost of the shirt and patches; however, tailoring and sewing costs are not covered.  

A uniform inspection is conducted by the Cubmaster or representative to identify any uniform deficiencies at least once during the Pack year.


Cub and Weblos Scouts Uniforms
The official uniform (commonly referred to as Class "A" by our pack) is encouraged for all Pack Meetings and other Scout functions unless a different uniform is specified.
  • Shirt: Blue for all Cubs and tan for Webelos. Shirts need to have all Council, District, Unit and Den Patches sewn on in accordance with the latest Uniform Insignia Guidelines. Shirts should be tucked into pants.
    • NOTE: The change from blue shirt to tan at the Webelos level (once Webelos Badge is earned) is a Den Leader and Den Parent decision for advancing Cubs.
  • Neckerchief: Proper color and worn under the collar secured with a slide.
  • Pants/Shorts: Blue with Belt Loops. Blue jeans, navy blue cords, blue pants, etc. all in
    • good condition must be worn at the waist. National BSA Policy does not approve camouflage colored pants.
  • Belt: Official Cub Scout blue-web belt encouraged with proper belt buckle for rank. Green Boy Scout belt is not permitted.
  • Hat: Proper style for current Rank. Must be worn bill forward. Hat may be worn indoors for official Scout functions, unless otherwise directed to "uncover". Hat should never be worn in a House of Worship. Hat is optional when Pack meetings are held at inside Bayside Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall.
  • Shoes: Closed toe shoes only

An activity uniform (commonly referred to a CLASS "B" by our pack) may be worn when designated as "activity shirt" by Pack or District.

  • Pack T-shirt, camp T-shirt and/or Den T-shirt.
  • Pants/shorts, belt, and hat (Same as Class A Uniform) unless others designated.

 Tiger Uniform

  • The Tiger uniform follows Cub Scout uniform.

Scout Behavior

The following discipline descriptions apply to all Pack associated meetings, including Den Meetings, Committee Meetings, and any Pack Outings. Please know that we, the Pack Committee, support parents in reinforcing proper behavior and encourage parents likewise to support the Pack and Den leadership in discouraging rowdy, disruptive, and other inappropriate behavior. Youth Protection Guidelines are to be followed at all times by all present.

When you see your son misbehaving before, during, or after the meeting, please let him know that you will not tolerate inappropriate behavior. Our meetings will run more efficiently with your support. We also need your help in controlling the younger siblings. Everyone should stay in the designated meeting place during the meeting. NO ONE is allowed to play in other areas at anytime. During the Pack Meetings, the Den Leader should keep his Den together and be responsible for controlling the Den. Inappropriate behavior consists of (but not limited to):


  • Talking loudly or excessively
  • Disruption of speakers, skits, songs, or ceremonies
  • Leaving assigned Den area without permission
  • Language that is inappropriate or vulgar
  • Showing disrespect to Den Leaders, Pack Leaders, or other Scouts
  • Willful mistreatment or destruction of School, Pack, or any other private property while attending scouting functions

Inappropriate behavior may result in the Den Leader escorting the Scout to his parent(s) and the Scout will remain with the parent(s) during the remainder of the meeting.

Disruptive behavior at a Den/Patrol meeting, Pack meeting, or Pack Activity shall, on the first occasion be referred to the parent/guardian. Subsequent occasions shall be referred to the Pack Committee and Cubmaster. Repeated occurrences may lead to suspension and/or dismissal from the Pack by the Cubmaster.

The above is not intended to stifle the enthusiasm the Scouts and Adults should be presenting at the meeting, but is intended to allow the Pack Leadership a means of controlling inappropriate behavior. The intent of the meeting is to HAVE FUN, celebrate our achievements, and to show Scout Spirit. If one Scout disrupts a meeting, it makes it impossible for another scout to get his deserved recognition.


Cub Scout Meetings

Den (Patrol) Meetings

  • A Den/Tribe consists of four to eight boys, a Den Leader, and at least one Assistant Den Leader. The Dens may also include a Den Chief and adult partners.  Boys will be distributed evenly among the Dens by mutual consent of the Cubmaster, the Committee Chair, and the Den Leader.
  • The dens are encouraged to meet 1-3 times per month.  Each individual den leader will govern the day and times. Summertime activities may be limited.
  • Two Leaders must be present at all Den/Tribe meetings. The overall conduct of the weekly Den/Tribe meetings will be under the supervision of the designated Den/Tribe Leader and Cubmaster. 
  • If a Den/Tribe meeting is scheduled to be held at any location other than Bayside Presbyterian Church, then a “Tour Plan” is needed if out of the Tidewater Council District and will be routed through Pack Committee and the Local BSA council. Sometimes the destination will require a Tour Permit (even within district) and should be determined when contacting destination.
  • Absences of boys should be reported beforehand to Den Leaders to ensure proper accounting for their whereabouts by Scouts parents/guardians.

 Pack Meetings (1 time a month)

  • The primary purpose of Pack meetings is to recognize the achievements of boys.
  • Pack meetings will normally be held on the fourth (4th) Tuesday of the month, at 6:00 p.m. unless rescheduled at least one month in advance by the Pack Committee.
  • Pack Meetings are open to all members of the Pack and associated families and friends. They are the climax of the month’s Den meetings and will normally be held at Bayside Presbyterian Church. Special Pack activities may be held as approved by the Pack Committee.
  • Every effort will be made to have Pack meetings start and end on time.  The average time frame for a pack meeting is an hour and a half.
  • An area will be established at all Pack meetings for boys to "show off" what they have done. All members will be encouraged to view this area before and/or after the Pack meeting.
  • At least summertime activities will be planned to permit Cub Scout opportunity to earn the National Summertime Pack Award.
  • Dens/Tribes will be assigned specific tasks for each Pack Meeting. Tasks will include but not be limited to: greeters/setup, opening/closing ceremonies (including flag detail), skits, songs, cleanup. However, all present are requested to assist with putting away chairs and cleaning up the area at the end of the meeting.
  • Our meeting place is lent to us for the night and worthy of our respect. All children must remain in that portion of the building being used for the Pack Meeting and not be allowed to run in the hallways or enter any of the other rooms not designated for Pack use.
  • All Scouts and adults will be respectful of guest speakers and leaders addressing the Pack.
  • Scouts and parents/guardians are encouraged to observe the Cub Scout sign (right hand up with two fingers in a V-shape) when raised.  This sign means that the group should be quiet.
  • Scouts and their family are requested to arrive to arrive 10 minutes before the starting time so that meetings can begin promptly.
  • A parent or designated adult must accompany a scout to the pack meetings.
  • Scouts and siblings will be monitored by their accompanying adult to make sure they are respectful of Bayside Presbyterian Church including the church grounds, hallways and rooms.

 Pack Committee Meetings (1 time a month)

  • Pack Committee Meetings are held once a month at a time and place designated by the Committee Chair, normally the third Thursday of the month at Bayside Presbyterian Church. All committee members, den leaders, and applicable program committee members should be in attendance. These planning sessions finalize preparations for the current month's Pack meeting, initiate plans for future Pack meetings, and ensure all advancement awards earned by the Cub Scouts will be available for presentation.
  • The Pack Committee shall consist of the Chartered Organization Representative (COR), Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, Pack Trainer and Advancement Chair.
  • All committee members are requested to serve for a period of one year beginning and ending June 1, unless a replacement if in place prior to June 1.
  • Den Leaders and Assistant Den Leaders shall be considered regular members of the Pack Committee.
  • While Committee Meetings are open to all Pack adults, only Council registered adults are eligible to vote at a meeting. Completing an adult leadership application along with mandatory Youth Protection Training and paying the annual National Registration fee accomplish registration. All parents and guardians are eligible to become registered volunteer leaders, and are encouraged to do so.
  • Leaders who wish to resign are requested to submit their resignation one month in advance, either in writing or by notice at the monthly Committee Meeting.
  • A quorum of three (3) of the five(5)registered Committee leaders (Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, Pack Trainer and Advancement Chair) shall be required to transact business with a majority vote of those present at the Pack Leader/Parent meeting.

Boy Scout Activities

Fund Raisers

The cost for ALL individual and group awards for the Scouts in our Pack is paid for out of the Pack’s general funds. No part of the registration fees, uniform costs, or other BSA costs covers these expenses. Due to this, the Pack must, on at least an annual basis, organize a fundraiser to attain the required funds. Traditionally the Pack sells candy bars in the fall. Fund raising may be changed depending on the needs of the Pack. Since this is to benefit the “BOYS”, the Pack Committee requests the support of ALL parents and boys.

Service Projects
As a part of a Scout’s development in citizenship, he should learn Goodwill. Each year the Pack Committee will choose a Pack Service Project(s) in which all members of the Pack are encouraged to participate. The importance that each Cub Scout learns to serve his community or fellow man cannot be overemphasized. Each member of the Pack may suggest Service Projects to the Pack Committee members at any time during the year. Dates of Service Projects will be given to each Pack member and announced at Pack Meetings.

Our Chartering Organization, Bayside Presbyterian Church, requests that twice a year, usually spring and fall, we help with church cleanup. This consists of raking pine straw, picking up pinecones and other general grounds clean up.

Travel, Outings, and Field Trips

Under NO circumstances will any Tiger, Cub, or Webelos Scout be allowed on any camping trip, field trip, or outing without a parent (or legal guardian) signed permission slip” (example attached) and “medical form” (Available on our web site). There will be no exception to this ruling.



A Scout can only be credited for work on awards from when he enrolled in Cub Scouts and only for the rank that he is currently enrolled in. The Pack Scout year is from the June 1 to May 31.

Participation in the Cub Scout Sports and Academics program is optional, but highly encouraged by the Pack.

Maximum of three belt loop/pins can be awarded in a month, with the exception that the Scout attended a Council event such as camp.

It is the responsibility of the Den/Tribe Leader(s) to record and submit orders for all awards that are earned by the boys in their Den/Tribe. Any forms that are needed to purchase awards be must be submitted to the Awards’ Chairman at or before the Pack Committee Meetings. This cut-off is required to allow enough time to go to the Scout Office and purchase the monthly awards.


Religious Emblem

It is highly encouraged by the Pack that each Scout earns his faith's religious award sponsored in conjunction with BSA National. The Scout may work directly with his family, Priest, minister, Rabbi, spiritual leader or with a Pack sponsored volunteer when available.  The Pack will pay for the square knot once. The medal is optional but recommended; however, the cost of the medal is the responsibility of the family.



Promotion to the next level will be in accordance with the criteria of the Boy Scouts of America.

The Pack is committed to working together with area Boy Scout Troops to ensure a smooth transition from the Webelos Den to the Boy Scout Troop.


March Pack Meeting

It is the goal of this Pack, to have each Webelos Scout obtain his Arrow of Light Award by the crossover ceremony, traditionally in March. This is a special recognition in the Cub Scout program and is the only award that can be worn on the Boy Scout uniform, excluding the religious award.


April Pack Meeting

Tiger, Wolf, and Bear Badge Awards are encouraged to be completed for the April Pack meeting. This goal ensures sufficient time for each family to work on Arrow Point electives.


May Pack Meeting

We strongly encourage Scouts to have the rank badge earned before May graduation. Pack graduation will occur each year at the May Pack Meeting.


Last Updated/Approved

Approved by vote on 10/17/2013. 

Pack 364 Bylaws