Raingutter Regatta

In the Raingutter Regatta, boats race down a narrow channel. The boats are blown down the channel using a straw & sail. 

You need to purchase Official BSA Raingutter Regatta Trimaran Boat Kit at the scout shop.
No boats that were built previous years are allowed to race.

Official Raingutter Regatta Rules – Trimaran Series
Boat Specifications:
  1. Boats: must be made from the official BSA Raingutter Regatta Trimaran Boat Kit NO. 612513. All parts (2 outriggers, polymer hull, mast, sail and 4 screws) provided in the kit must be used in the boat construction. (NO substitutions are allowed!) 
  2. Outriggers / Hull: The Outriggers must be no longer than 7" or shorter than 6 ½". The finished boat must be 3-1/4" wide, which is the dimension of the molded hull. The outriggers must be solid and not split into multiple parts and must be evenly placed. The outriggers should be cut on the leading edge as shown in the kit instructions. One may not be placed ahead of the other. The mast may not be higher than 7” from the deck, nor shorter than 6” from the deck. Basically, the Trimaran Boat should look like a Trimaran Boat displayed on the box. 
  3. Rudder: The boat requires no keel or rudder and none may be added.
  4. Sail: Must use the sail provided in the kit. It may be trimmed, but cannot be enlarged or added to, but may be decorated. The sail may only be attached to the mast by glue; use no mechanical fasteners and the sail may not be in contact with any part of the boat except the mast.
  5. The Mast Hole: is molded into the top of the plastic hull and is the only placement allowed for the mast. No deviations will be allowed and no modifications to the hole are allowed. The mast MUST BE perpendicular (90 degrees) to the hull, angling the mast in any direction is not allowed.
  6. Propulsion: No other form of propulsion besides the sail and the straw provided is allowed.
  7. Decorations: such as sailors, cannons, Lego figures, etc. may be added as long as they are firmly fastened to the boat. The decorations may not be placed in such a manner as to change the boat dimensions as listed above. 
  8. Paint: It is HIGHLY recommended that the boat be painted or at the very least seal the outriggers to prevent them from retaining water. Allow about a week for paint to dry.
  9. Inspection: Each boat must pass a simple technical inspection to ensure adherence to the above.
Competition Rules: Pack 285 (Subject to change)
  1. Participants will race with other Scouts from the Pack in their Den.
  2. We will have an open division for siblings to race as well if they want to build a boat
  3. Boats with wet or sticky paint, will NOT be allowed in the race.
  4. The race will involve two lanes side by side, filled with water.
  5. The race begins once the official starter has placed the competing boats against the back wall of the gutter and commands the Scouts to "GO!" (When racing against a longer boat. The shorter boat will be moved forward to match the larger boat's, foremost part of bow.) 
  6. On the starter's command, the Scouts will blow through the straw into the sail of their boat in order to advance them through the water. The boat can only be propelled by blowing into the sail. 
  7. Once the race has begun, the Scout CANNOT touch his boat.
  8. If a boat capsizes or becomes stuck it will righted by a race official only.