As a leader, you owe it to yourself, your scouts and their parents/guardians to know the answers (or at least where to find them) to some common questions:

  • Can Timmy's friend Danny sleep in Timmy's tent on a campout?
  • Can I take my Cub Scouts canoeing?

What training is available?

Fast Start Training (less that 30 min.)- gives den leaders information on planning and conducting their first meeting, and even demonstrates one they can use.  The Cubmaster should make sure that new den leaders are aware of this.  There is a video of this, or you can take it at the BSA Online Learning Center at

Basic Training (about 5 hours for both courses at once).  Check out for more details, but here's the short version:

New Leader Essentials- basic things that both den leaders and pack leaders should know

Cub Scout Leader Specific Training- a class just for den leaders, and another one for pack leaders.

When is training available?

Check the pack calendar or the council calendar

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