Scouting for Food

Here's an efficient way to process the food on "pickup day"


Bring map of areas assigned by BSA, "thank you" Post-It notes, markers, box cutter

When given the pack's map each year, try to put younger scouts in areas with lower traffic (see sample map

Assign a coordinator for your unit

Coordinator and other early arrivers should prep boxes.  The rough proportion of each is indicated by the diagram below.  Label each box by type, and make sure each has an extra layer of cardboard on the bottom.  This can also happen while scouts are out collecting the food.



When the food arrives

  • As food arrives do NOT box it.  Just put it in the pile in the proper “zone”
  • When most of the scouts have returned, put the food in the boxes.  Try to fill the box (it makes them easier to stack). Put the item count on each box. 
  • As boxes are filled, take them to the tally area, and give the box item count to the person keeping the tally for the unit (pack, troop or crew).
  • Put the box on the cart to go inside.
  • At some point, the unit’s total tally should be provided to the Herrin BSA office by phone or e-mail.