Resources for Den Leaders

How to get a Tiger Den started

For a good ideas on what to do with your den, check out 

Safety  issues contains a link to the current month's official Cub Scout Program Helps, which can give you ideas for songs, skits, games, and Go See It events

Advancement Policy- how to track progress toward advancement, and get the awards earned along the way

Pinewood Derby 

Hiking and camping in Southern Illinois 

How to do a flag ceremony at opening and clossing of a meeting

Popcorn sale info

Get a Den Chief from the Boy Scouts.  You get help running your den meeting, and they get service hours.  Contact the Cubmaster for more info.

Games and skits- try to have one at every den or pack meeting

Fun activities to do with your scouts 

Knots- the ones every Cub Scout should know (required for Webelos Outdoorsman activity badge)

Songs- lyrics, and even karaoke files

Webelos Citizenship teaching guide & quiz- flag ettiquette, etc.