How to get a Tiger Den started

A quick summary of how a Tiger Den works, from the Tiger Cub Handbook.  If yours isn't handy, check it online)

See the Resources for Leaders page for more ideas on games, activities etc.

There will be a parent-only organizational meeting to explain how Cub Scout dens and packs work.  It covers basically the same ground as the first section or two of your Tiger Handbook, so if you have one, bring it.


Note the Cub Scout values and purpose

Dens and Packs-what are they and when/where do they meet?

Tiger Dens use "Shared Leadership"- the adult partners of each boy take turns planning and leading the den meetings.

One or more den leaders are needed- other than opening and closing the  Tiger den meetings, the den leaders' duties are basically:

- make sure that the next few meetings have been assigned to one of the den boys and their adult leader

- provide communications so that the den is aware of den and pack activities.  Tip: for the pack schedule, just take a printout of the Pack 251 calendar (see link on pack home page) to each den meeting.

- record keeping.  Primarily, this is tracking the progess each boy makes on the achievements he needs to advance.  Tip: Use the achievement tracking tools available via the link on Resources for Leaders page

Fill out an Adult Leader Application if you can serve as a den leader.

The Cubmaster will assign you a den number, at which point Tiger parents can get uniforms and books for their boys.

Uniforms-Uniforms and Tiger Cub Handbooks may be purchased at:

    1. Boy Scout Service Center, 803 E. Herrin, Herrin IL

    2. Square Deal Clothing House, 1607 Walnut, Murphysboro

Den Meetings- schedule den meetings twice a month.  The handbook says to schedule a "Go See It" event once a month also, but you can probably complete all five achievements by occasionally converting a regular den meeting to a Go See It. 

The leader may choose to remind parents of meetings by e-mail or phone.

Each Tiger Scout's adult partner should attend all meetings with their boy.

It helps to have a simple, even hand-written, agenda for your den meeting.

Pack Meetings- these are once a month.  Scouts attend these with their adult partner, and at least one den leader.  This allows for the presentation of totem beads as described in the following section.

Advancement (p. 16 of handbook) - earning a Tiger badge requires that they complete the Achievements in the handbook.  The pack will provide the den leader in advance a Tiger Cub Immediate Recognition Kit containing everything needed to recognize all of the required Tiger achievements.  At the pack meeting (or at a den meeting), the Tiger den leader should present the totem beads from this kit to the scout's adult partner, who will in turn present them to the scout.

Get trained- among other things, this covers child-protection issues and age-appropriate activities.  Check out the available training and watch the pack calendar for the next time it's offered.

Check with the appropriate person about using their facility for den meetings- at Unity Point and Giant City Schools, they require you to fill out a Room Use Form well in advance.   Unity Point tip: Ask the U.P staff to ask the teachers in your son's grade whether one of them will allow the use of their room for Cub Scout den meetings. Otherwise, you risk getting the Teacher Planning Room, which is hotter than Hades.