Advancement Policy

Updated: 10/20/2008

How do the scouts advance in rank? has links describing how each rank is achieved, and how extra electives can earn additional awards (yellow beads for Tigers, Arrow Points for Wolves and Bears, etc.)

How can den leaders track advancements and awards?

Option 1 (paper)- use the appropriate den record form provided in Cub Scout Leader Handbook received at leader training or go to this website and select the form:

Option 2 (spreadsheet)- use the den tracking spreadsheets available at  Use the Achievements tab to note each scout’s progress.  The Summary tab then keeps track of exactly what awards (beads, pins, belt loops etc.) the scout has earned, and the date they were given to him.

Who pays for awards?

As long as pack funds continue to be supported by solid popcorn sales, the pack will pay for advancement awards.

What does the den leader need to do?

No fewer than three days before each pack meeting, Provide the Cubmaster info on what advancements and awards you want to give out at the pack meeting.  This can be done in one of three ways:
Option 1 (paper)- use the appropriate advancement report form provided in Cub Scout Leader Handbook.  For each scout, check the box indicating the completed achievement

Option 2 (spreadsheet)- provide the Cubmaster a printout of the Summary tab, or just e-mail the entire spreadsheet.  The pack can then just order awards for whatever the Summary page says has been earned but not yet awarded.

Option 3 (e-mail)- e-mail the Cubmaster a list, by boy, of the advancements and awards

What does the pack do?

Consolidate the advancements/awards requested by all of the den leaders onto the triplicate Advancement Report used by our council
Take the form to the Herrin office, pick up pick up the awards and bring them to the next pack meeting.