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posted Oct 16, 2012, 9:17 AM by kalyan Tata   [ updated Oct 16, 2012, 9:24 AM ]

This is the final week to sell popcorn!  John Donnelly has offered to throw a pizza party for the ENTIRE PACK if every scout sells a minimum of just one bag!  Additionally, each boy that sells will get a patch.  There are several ways to sell popcorn.  Your scout can participate in a store sale where they sell popcorn in front of a store or restaurant.  (Please contact Chris Good to take part in a store sale!) Your scout could take orders on a paper order form.  (Order forms need to be returned to Brenda Pyka by October 22.)  Your scout could sell popcorn online.  Finally, the best way to sell popcorn is to check out bags from John Donnelly and go door to door with it.  Historically, this has been the way the big sellers in our pack have made the most sales.  Popcorn sales end on October 20 so please get out there and SELL!  Scouts that sell $100 or more will win entry to a Silly String Party!  Scouts that sell $200 or more will get the Silly String Party AND a pie to throw in Cubmaster Jennifer’s face!!  If you want to check out popcorn, if you need an order form, your scout wants to participate in a store sale, or if you are just confused and want to ask some questions, please contact John Donnelly.